Beyond the Boggled Mind

Ramblings of my boggled mind

Who is Ms.Wasabi? aka beyond_repair?

I’m not the woman your mother warned you of, her imagination was never this good.

If you think the things I say out loud are bad, you should hear the things that I keep to myself!

let them hate me provided they fear me

~makin’ bitches hate since 1981’~

Go a.h.e.a.d. and judge me… Your words mean nothing…

-the name is Raychel
-the love is hard to get, but unconditional
-words are my weapon. i use them like a 45
-yeah, I am a bitch. don’t like it? too bad
-the interests are many, the distainful ideas are greater
-the friends are a whole new level of amazing
-the ideas are everlasting and unalterable
-the beauty is only the soul and art
-People cant be trusted as a whole
-being weird is how I am, don’t like it then walk away
-I HATE the things people do but not the person
-I support gay rights. Got a problem? take it to your own side don’t spill to mine
-Writing, Photography, art anyway possible = ♥♥♥l♥ve♥♥♥
-you’ll never figure me out,promise. because the person I was I will never be again
-I may be a freak a bitch a smart ass: but Im the best there is

I’m a bitch, I make mistakes everyone does I just know how to admit it, I’m truthful to a fault, I’m not shy… I’m coy it takes more practice…


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