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Keeping the circle small.

on May 31, 2017
The picture I used is physical, but for most it is also mental as well. We all have circles and put people in to groups the same as our personal space.
So, in my life I have several circles so to speak, one is my personal circle honestly it’s only babe and I, because everything that is told to me I tell babe, and vise versa. We keep nothing and I mean nothing from each other, we have no reason to.
The next would be family/friends again very very small most on my facebook (not all) are in this circle.
Then I have school and associates who yes we talk and share in conversations. Sometimes the talks get personal but not too personal really.
The last circle is public most people don’t know anything about me. some new friends still fall in to this catagory and even some family and old friends fall in to this one. It happens.
So you wonder why I’ve cut you or others out of my life, here are 8 reasons why I do. I don’t have time or mind to deal with people like this. Honestly if I could cut out more I believe I would. But also I figure in time others will be cutting me out for who I really am and they don’t understand or have ever known. So onward to the 8 things…
1. Those who show-off There are some people who seem to have no other purpose in life then to make others jealous or envious of what they have achieved. It’s easy to spot, and is merely an indication of their lack of self-worth.
2. Those that are ignorant There are many different brands of unintelligent behaviour. There is the ever so harmless lack of brain-cell dumb that can’t really be fixed, and the willfully ignorant and self-absorbed kind of dumb. Some of us may have met someone who is famously incompetent because of their constant sense of self-pride and inability to make the right decisions, or learn from the consequences.
3. The parasites We have all been in bad circumstances at some point in our lives. In fact, most of us understand what it’s like to either be that friend who takes the hand-outs or the one who gives them. If this behaviour starts to be a normal pattern (they don’t have anything and they leave it up to you to provide) it is probably best to put a stop to it before a codependency issue is created.
4. The not-so active Nobody is immune to laziness. Those who sit around doing nothing make others also want to just sit around and do nothing. Not even those who are considered to be mentally strong are safe from becoming lazy. Spend enough time with a lazy person and you will start feeling a lack of motivation and the need to become immobile.
5. The “I” Specialists Those who say “I can do…” and ” I have so many… ” are unlikely to actually do these things or anything else for that matter. “Actions speak louder than words,” we are told. There are those who understand that and do what they say they will do, and there are those who are always talking about doing stuff.
6. Those who inaccurately refer to themselves as “depressed”, “OCD”, or other Mental issues, now I’m not talking about clinically depressed or ones who actually are OCD, or other real mental issues who actually need prescribed medication and seek help to better their life. We’re talking about the ones who behave as if they are depressed, for which there is no medication. The ones who are constantly making up reasons as to why their lives are so crap and that they are so very unlucky. We all make choices in our life that have consequences which we have the choice to either deal with or not. It is not recommended to hang around with those who cannot face up to their choices.
7. The ones who prefer not to go along for the ride If you’re a thrill-seeking adventurist type person, asking your couch-bound introvert friend to go sky-diving probably won’t return the best response. The people we choose to keep in our immediate circle of friends will direct our paths more than we realize.
8. Those who don’t dream Everyone has dreams, but what defines the way we live our lives is whether or not we act on those dreams and believe that they can change things for the better. Those who don’t dream will do their best to convince you that dreams are just silly, pointless dreams
I do have a 9 and 10 the 1-8 I found and agree with and noticed for the most part that is why I’ve been cutting people off.
9. The ones who won’t take responsibility for their actions, they blame others for their life, their choices, and things that happen to them from their choices.
For instance: You don’t have a licence, you don’t have insurance, you get pulled over and get in trouble. YOU cannot, I repeat YOU CANNOT FUCKING BLAME SOMEONE ELSE! YOU chose not to get your licence, you chose not to get insurance on your car, YOU got out and drove knowing all this, it’s not the police for doing their job, it’s not your friends/family/enemy. It is YOU, grow up.
10. Liers, I can’t deal with someone lieing to my face, or others, spreading lies and gossip when knowing nothing about the situation, not being the person/s in the situaton. I am too old for that shit. I’m too old for the drama and bullshit that follows this whole category.
I have more reasons but these seem to be the main ones why I cut people from my life. If you fit in any of these, you are toxic to me and either I’ve cut you out, or I have yet to.

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