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Sinking ship

on January 25, 2017
Today, I’m just down, depressed. I didn’t know why but just am. I realized what it is. I mourn the loss of possibility, of promise, of our pursuit of happiness. The POTUS is suppose to HELP the people, not make things harder on us. Not make us jump through red tape for simply wanting something to make us happy and our life a little easier. The POTUS is suppose to work for us, the government is suppose to work for us, to fear us, not us to fear them.
Absolutely devastating… This repeal of ACA is estimated to take away health insurance from 40 million people, 4 million of which are children. Harvard School of Public Health estimates 26,000 deaths this year… Do I need to worry for my love, or myself? No, We are lucky, We have put much thought in to the last couple years to get off of ACA for myself, and I’ve been off for a while now, We did research and planned, we talked and figured things out so I wouldn’t have to stay on ACA, I was only on it for one year, We are lucky, and we knew to plan. We plan everything honestly, at least everything that can be.
But what about, my family? My two brothers where one doesn’t have a job, and one I’m sure doesn’t have insurance, at least not yet through his job. What about my mother who just lost part of her insurance, what about my mother who has been prediagnosed illnesses that can stop her from getting insurance once ACA is gone (she’s not on it right now but it is an option for her) or if her other insurance is lost. What about all the other families out there?
You see, when I didn’t vote for the Orange Moron, I wasn’t thinking about myself in this, I was thinking about so many others. When I fight for rights, They don’t always come in line with my life, You see unlike most of the people I know and associate with, ACA is all they have, Their marriage, their bodies, their choices, their rights for these are slowly being took away. When I say I am a feminist it’s not because I am a women, it’s because I believe in all human rights, no matter gender, sex, color, race, sexual orientation, if you are poly or monogamous, you should have the rights of anyone else. You should be happy, you shouldn’t have to appease anyone else, and no one else should have any what so ever control over your choice for your life.
He is a greedy orange monster, and we are going to be in a very bad relationship for the next 4 years. Even after he fucks us over (already started) and he is out of office our money will still line his pockets. He never wanted this position, he wanted the name, he wanted to pull off the biggest con of his life and he did it, we will be paying him for the rest of our/his life to fuck us for the next 4 years, but even that the things he signs and puts in to order may fuck us for years after that. Our bodies, our water, our planet should be important to him, but it’s not. He’s in it for the money and fame. He’s in it for himself, even after breaking the constitution he’s still in house, I don’t see him getting impeached because our government has major flaws.
I don’t want to live here anymore, if I had the money I’d move so fast, I would have already been out of here. For the first time in my life, I see as the world see’s the USA and I’m completely embarrassed to be an American. It was humiliating that he even got to the point of a possibility of being president but him making it is a complete and utter embarrassment.
If you honestly don’t feel embarrassed that the rest of the world see’s all Americans as stupid, racist, and they honestly believe all American’s are like trump. Then you are part of the problem. You are willing to look away from facts and believe that he was good for our country, to literally fight and argue when facts are out there, they are being shown to you.
I’m sorry to say this but you deserve everything that is going to happen the next 4(+) years. What happens here is going to have an rippling effect. Unfortunately in to dirty, toxic water.
I can’t leave, I want to, believe me I do. Maybe not completely out of our nation, but out of this state, because there are a few decent states still out there (CA/NY) I know I want out of Texas, this I’ve always known to be a horrible state, but at least I’m close to Houston where they are more open, and more realistic for the most part.
I mourn for our nation, I mourn for our people, because no matter how much we disagree, no matter how much fighting, and protesting, and ugliness is out there, we are on the same boat here. The orange moron willing to be at the front of a ship and put holes in the rear is still going to take us all down.



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