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on October 13, 2016

So lately I’ve not been blogging at least not on here. There has been so many changes lately I can’t remember what I last blogged about here, I had to take a min and look back to where I last left off. What all changes have been going on since then and so many I can put on here and yes a few I will not put on here.

So yes, My last post was about Losing my Daddy. We had a memorial service for him a couple weeks after he passed away. Things are weird I miss his voice. I have him and my sister’s ashes here at my home. Just kind of lost.

We decided this weekend we want to go to TRF (Texas ren fest) Not sure if we are going to go or not at this point because we are both sick, yesterday I even skipped out on my classes I was just feeling terrible and I’m not feeling as bad as I was but I still didn’t want to move from my bed and go to work, but here I am sitting at the work computer messing on my blog. It’s fairly slow right now I just hope people don’t give me crap and will get out of the park so I can go home and rest before I have to get up for the morning shift tomorrow.

We also got a bit of a surprise where my babe’s parents wanted to do something for his birthday, it’s weird because like the 4 years I’ve been here only once have we done anything with them for his birthday and that was us asking them to join us for food and show them that we had moved to our own apartment and things. They wasn’t that fond of it since we aren’t married. But they I’m guessing are fairly better about it now we have been living together like 3 years now.

Let’s see I’m not sure what else to say here. Just kind of touching base on this blog. I doubt if anyone even reads it anymore. Mainly for myself I guess and my love. well I guess that’s it.

Love you baby


One response to “Changes

  1. lillylethal says:

    It sucks that we are sick but I know that we will have fun this weekend still. I will always be here for you and help you how I can

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