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Vacation is all I ever wanted…

on July 31, 2016

Okay so it’s not but seemed like a good title, now that the song is stuck in my head. Anyway I’ve not mentioned it to many people unless you follow more than this blog of mine. But in December we are going on our first real vacation, we are going on a cruse. I’m so completely excited to have 7 days yes 7 days with my babe with no real worries just go and enjoy ourselves. This is the first time for me to go out of the US so that is pretty exciting for me as well. My babe has been out and even lived outside of the US.

So the cruse is from Galveston to 3 other ports ( I will blog about it later and esp when we get back) then back to Galveston. We have looked over things to do and picked out a few things we want to do more and have even thought about and talked about more cruses and things we want to do. I’ve been online shopping for some things that we need and some things we want. I’ve found clothing I want that is much more feminine than I normally wear but I’ve been slowly finding more things I like and being more open to clothing and color choices. I’m liking more and more colors lately.

I’m trying to make sure to remember certain things like yes bring a few ziplock bags so I can pick up a little sand to bring back because I want to make shadow boxes with photos and the sand in it and maybe some other things we pick up every where we are going. I want to be sure to get shot glasses for our collection because that’s something we have gotten on most of our adventures. Let’s see I think that is really it for now.

I love you baby



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