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Letter to Me…

on May 2, 2016

My dear you think you are an adult, you feel like it anyway.

You have helped for years with your siblings and with the house while mom and dad worked most of your life. You are at a weird age where you feel like nothing is impossible no matter how much your depression gets to you, you try. You are looking at colleges and ready to leave your parents house thinking about where you are going to move because your feet are itching for so much new grounds to walk.

A lot will change in the next 2 years before you graduate and move out. Spend time with your sister for the love of all that is holy spend time with her, take TONS of photos. Spend more time with your brothers, your mom, your dad, go see your great grandmother, see both of your grandmothers as much as possible and stop rolling your eyes at people who are older who are trying to teach you lessons of life. You do not know everything!

You are going to date several people who are going to drive you wild that you can’t get enough of. I’m telling you now, find the geek the nerd the one who knows who you are inside that you hide from everyone. Be yourself no matter how hard it is because when you get older you are still going to be hiding so much of yourself over fear.

You are going to date and meet people who are going to tear you down, hurt you constantly, walk away and don’t let them stop you. It’s a waste of your time to keep going back to the same hurt the same stale pond with no moving water or life. It’s and endless cycle you won’t realize till it’s too late.

You are going to meet someone who will be able to stand with in your heart and feel all the flames and bask in the glow of it. You are going to ignore all your feelings and walk away to “save” yourself, when in reality they will be the perfect person for you. They will be your best friend for years and years before finally realizing this is your soul mate.

You are going to waste a lot of time and finally find what your purpose is on this earth. People are going to try and stop you, diminish you’re light. Keep going… Keep going…

Dear lady,

you’ve gotten through many years you are in your  late 20s- early 30s and giving up, life has kicked you over and over again and you are giving up on dreams… but you will make it you can keep going… you have all the reasons to be depressed, you have reasons not to feel well but  I know you got this, you will have someone very soon that will heal your wounds and take care of you and you will care for them in ways they and yourself never thought you could. keep going… keep going…

Dear Me,

Things are going slow, things are changing around you some for the better some for worse, you are happy … keep going… keep going…

Dear future me,

See isn’t it worth it? Things changed things are better, wasted time sucked but you are exactly where you are suppose to be. You are happy, you can do this, you can handle anything, look at all you have made it through. Keep going!

~just me


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