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on December 4, 2015

PrintOkay so I’m a little late but better late than never right?

Thanksgiving 2015 has come and gone, and tailing close is Christmas, at least for me anyway, some have Christmas following behind Halloween and skipping completely over Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving much more than Christmas honestly.  But I will stop complaining, I want to celebrate with a thankful heart the blessings of Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is my 2nd perhaps 3rd favorite holiday.  The reasons for this are simple.  Families  come together all over the US and people think about what they are thankful for. I love seeing the 30 days of thankfulness on FB and things I know it’s odd and yes we should be thankful for more than this one month and I’m sure we are, at least I am. But this is the time of year people are vocal about it. Yes I do know the first thanksgiving was not all food and peace I fully am aware of our history in the US not just about what we were brainwashed to think in elementary school. I’m thinking about today, this past month, what it is to us today.
I miss my family a lot during the holidays even if I found it annoying sometimes to just sit and eat and do the same things we always do every year. I guess you don’t appreciate things till they aren’t there and they aren’t done. I had a good time with my love and his family, this is I believe the 3rd year? or 2nd? Horrible I should be able to remember this stuff.
I remember as a kid going to my (moms side) grandma’s for the holidays and family coming together in Ky from In, and more north to visit each other.  It is always a blessing to me that the family loves to be together so much that they travel the distance, putting up with the before and after traffic, and cook together for days to feed the crowd.  For the Thanksgiving meal is only one meal of several that must be prepared, for we are feeding the crowd ,which is likely only 20 to 30 maybe more depending on who can come and how long each would stay.
I also remember holidays with my (dads side) other grandma most only traveled a few miles to be there. But still would come. always the parade then football and movies, food, then for the most part the last few years I was there poker and other money games.
Both sides we would laugh and tell stories of the past. This year I’m sure it was much different in both sides. I guess more than this year, I remember seeing my great-grandmother as well she always had chicken and dumplings for us. This was always before or after Thanksgiving when we went.
When we go to Thanksgiving with my loves parents, its a very small gathering that I’m honestly not that use to. It’s his parents, his brothers and us. His brothers are younger still ( college age) and have no kids, we don’t have kids, no other family comes. It’s strange to me it shouldn’t be but it is.
It makes me wonder if I would talk about the number of people at thanksgivings when I was younger if they would be amazed and be all in wonder. I don’t talk much while there. I enjoy hearing their stories, and it’s almost the same ones each time. They are the best ones. I remember a lot of stories I grew up hearing over and over again.
 Tales of Thanksgivings past, including the adult children telling the younger children how they advanced from a pallet on the floor to a bed, and moving from the children’s table to the adult table. All of the memories that are shared and created year to year, make all of the effort more than worth it.
I am so thankful for my family each side, blood or not, everyone of them, and the love we all have for each other even if we don’t agree.  We, like all families, have had some times when there was conflict, usually over unimportant things, but we hung in there as a family and weathered those times, and we are so much stronger as a family because of that.  I am thankful that we had the commitment to be together this one time a year, and think that such was a big to do with keeping my family strong.
We have already came to points where my grandmothers ( all 3 over the years) have passed on, There is no longer the same Thanksgiving I grew up having.  There has been a time where aunts and uncles took the torch and it’s slowly coming a time when some are no longer with us, or can no longer do the cooking and shopping and cleaning. The holidays have changed and I try and cling to what little I remember. I’m glad to see the daughters and sons, nieces and nephews have picked up the torch and is carrying on most of the traditions.

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