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School and other things

on August 28, 2015

So first week of my new classes down. I’m not as nervous I guess, but still it’s a lot to do plus work. I don’t know how I did it before. However I didn’t make grades like I do now. I actually try and study and do well. I was lazy last time I went to college I just thought hey high school all over again, no it’s not. It’s not the same. yes I did get my degree but honestly I don’t know how I did. This time I’m trying hard I want to make good grades I want to learn and be able to take this and do more with it than I did with my other degree. I worry I will fall on my face once out of college. I’m doing a lot this go around as well in the end I want to have my bachelors in physiology and working with that and still going for my masters. I want to be able to help people and enjoy it. I’m learning there is so much more than being a therapist when it comes to this degree. I’m excited and thinking more maybe I can do other things not just therapy.

We have been looking at moving still and it’s just more stress honestly. The house we were wanting to rent, the lady is I don’t know if she is ignoring us, or just flaking out. It’s annoying as all hell. Chris is finished with classes for his new job, and going on to working with a mentor for a couple weeks. He is so stressed out over it but I know he will do great with it all.

I don’t know where I was going here, I stepped away because of work stuff and now I’ve lost my train of thought it has been completely derailed.


yeah I don’t know I don’t have anything but work atm on my mind. Maybe I’ll post another blog later.


2 responses to “School and other things

  1. Jack (Jax) says:

    Seems like we are in the same career field. Biggest thing for me that ensured stability and success after college was doing as many internships and volunteer work as possible so that when I graduated I had networked a ton of connections and had built myself a starting ground. You seem to have your head on straight and your goals in your view. Keep up the hard work! You’re going to do great things.

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