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on August 2, 2015

I have a lot on my mind today well more than today just seems today the thoughts are more so. Most I can’t really talk about here, even if no one really reads this blog. Mostly my mind is on the future. We talk about moving and I get excited about moving, but its not about this move coming up. Yes I am excited to move in to a house and out of this apartment and away from the people here in office and out. But we talk about moving to Alaska and we have been for about a year now. We are not just going to run and go we have too much that keeps us here right now. Mainly school our classes we need to graduate and get in to better jobs that can move with us. Now Mind you Chris got a new job and it will do very well by him and possible to move in to a job there in Alaska but right now this is a 5 year plan. after graduating and getting our butts in to careers and some experience under our belts then go there in hopes for nice careers there, maybe even open up our own business. I’ve decided to go farther than what I had originally planned. I want to be a therapist, not a physical one but mental one. I want to help people and families mainly when it comes to transgender people and families who have problems and need someone to talk to and understand things. Yes I want to help more than that but this is a big issue to me.

My current class I am making a B and will pass the class this makes me happy. I have one more paper to get back I should get it tomorrow then I have one more paper to write. I hope I am doing better I hope this paper he is grading is something that is blowing him away. I don’t know and I’m not sure still what paper I want to rewrite yet. It’s hard because two are really important to me the others I know I wont be doing.

I hope the house we have our minds set on will come threw for us. We can save so much money and it will give us room. So much more room than we have right now. I have to look in to getting totes for the move. I think in the long run totes will be better for us and we could maybe start making things that we have thought bout doing, esp splay and outfits.

I feel bad about things a little though Chris supports me in everything, buys me an expensive camera, a sewing machine and here I am not using either really as much as I want to. I feel like I am wasting our money on things, things I want to do things and make money with. I want to look in to making candles and bath bombs and things like that. I get excited about doing this stuff then look at the things I have and think what if I don’t get to make money from it or what if this or that happens. Maybe even make jewelry and other things and etching things. I want us to do this together just I have doubts about it as well.

I want us to get more things to excessive with but I barely use what we have, and Chris don’t use it as much either. I think mainly because we don’t have the room really. We will see. I just needed to kind of get some things out of my head.

Well off to pay attention to the movie that Chris started. *sighs* so much more thoughts.

I love you baby doll


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