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Finally moving forward.

on July 24, 2015

So we are finally able to set some things down from them just up in the air floating and not knowing what is going on.

One: Chris’ new job/career. He is leaving IBC ( thank the gods and goddess’) He won’t be in a dead in job that just is slowly killing him from the inside out. I hope the new job at Capital One will be better for him. It is much better pay, and better benefits. I know there will be stress all jobs have it. I hope this change will help him feel better I hope he will get his positivity and wanting to work and enjoying this work space and the co-workers. I could say a lot of things about IBC right now but I would like to focus on the positive. I am thankful for this job coming our way. I knew he would get it even after the stroke of bad luck that hit but things are getting better and looking more bright for us.

B: We are looking to move, we have been looking to move. We have a very nicely priced place we have been wanting for a bit now, and the lady is someone Chris’ knows pretty well and it’s a nice place from what I understand. We still have to look at it. She will be having the current tenant leaving because he just isn’t paying the rent on time and if at all and really is putting her in a bind. She works and has been working with this person and I honestly think he is just taking advantage of her now. He never pays on time and when I say late we are talking weeks/month till he pays. It’s just not right. It isn’t the perfect house but it will be bigger than what we have and much much cheaper so it’s nice to think about.

The next: My college courses are still looking good I am working hard trying to keep my current B in the class. I’m kind of worried about my next semester because I have a class that is not online and also we dissect animals in it. I have done it before but it is not something I want to do. I hate that I have to and Chris doesn’t want me to talk about it but I know if I don’t I will end up depressed and crying over the poor little mutilated bodies. I’m not going to be a Doctor like that, I want to be a therapist to help people mentally not cut in to people. ugh. just ugh.

So Things are getting better and better. Hopefully we can keep on this track and save a good amount of money for our future plans.

We are hoping to visit my family soon. I miss my parents and brothers. I do want to see my friends and maybe a few other family members. I know I will have to put up with some so I can see others and I will deal with that. I know nothing that should be talked about will be, I know everyone will just “be happy” to see me and this and that and blah blah blah… it’s like I am tolerated in my own family sometimes. I don’t want to be I don’t care at this point. Yes I will always love my family yes I will help anyone if I can. But I don’t want them in my personal life as if they belong there. I know soon they will walk away and at this point I’m good with that because I don’t want negativity around me, Chris or our life if I can stop it. I’ve always been the black sheep and other’s claim to be but honestly they are just as much sheeple as the rest of the family.

I’m glad I grew up with who I have, and have my parents and siblings. I’m glad I wasn’t sheltered like some kids are. yes I was somewhat but not like chris was, not like some of my family members who constantly get in shit only to be bailed out by others. While no matter what my struggles I end up having to sit down and figure shit out myself. I have recently asked for help and I did get a bit of help. I will be using that money when I can “pay it back” to actually pay it forward to another person/s who needs help. Or even to a good cause. I thought about paying it back to the people who donated to me. But it would in the end either cost more than what was given or they would end up getting less of it back. I hate the thought of that. Unless I wrote checks and sent it to their home was the only way I could see them getting it all back. Even the donations I receved money was took out about 35.00 of it. That’s what happens when you use another company to transfer money and this and that. I’m not saying it’s not justified but 35.00 out of 260.00 is quite a bit honestly esp when the person in need really could use that money. But anyway I think I’m going to stop writing for now.

I am wanting to say so much more right now but I can’t not yet.



One response to “Finally moving forward.

  1. stuffykaida says:

    I love you. I’m glad that things are finally looking up

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