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on May 11, 2015

I keep hurting myself I guess basically because I haven’t been paying attention to things and My mind has been in other places lately. Most recent I bashed my toe on the desk and I’m sure will bruise in time. let’s see I broke the bed with my fat ass and tempted to fix it by myself and smashed and cut my finger pretty deep, and I cut myself two separate times with a knife and hummm the side cut on a finger I’m not remembering how I did it, but that is the one that started this. All this has been 2 weeks give or take.

Blarg! Anyway…

My love has been having a rough bit because of his job, it is so stressful to him and they are shitty to him. Serious who talks about giving you a position and using you just so you are doing the work while the real person they plan to put in that position gets ready basically to move in to the branch and take the spot from you. ugh that just infuriates me to no end.

I’m hoping other jobs that he has applied for and is trying for will pan out. One is very nice to think about because they want him for it and there are 2 openings, not till July though. But it’s still great to think about and I really hope they are serious because it seems so. Also another he finished up with a cam interview with might be nice as well.

We are wanting to get away from Baytown really, It’s not a have to thing just we would like it I think. We are looking for a house or something to rent within our means, and this may change if there is a job change before October. Yes we have about 5 months till we move but we are looking, originally we thought about renting then went to buying but we are back to looking for a rental. Its not we cannot afford to buy, its our credit and stuff and also the down payment we don’t have it. So maybe rent and save to buy a place.

I’m trying to think what to make and since its kinda rainy and stuff out maybe Ill pull out left over potato soup and the left over ham and maybe put more stuff in it. I see one that has corn in it, I don’t know if that would be good or not or just keep with ham and potato soup. We will see.

I enjoy cooking for chris, he appreciates it. I love when his coworkers are all jealous over his lunch. It makes me feel kinda good. I know that is silly but it’s nice. I like to see others jealous because of things I do or how I treat him. I try my best to be a good girlfriend to him. I like taking care of him and when others notice I hope that they see this is how it should be. Both people taking care of each other, respecting each other and loving each other.

I’m looking forward to Comicpalooza, a little sad after finding out there is a bigger one around that more celebs go to, I figure we will check it out next year and maybe go to it if it has everyone we want in both or more in the other. We will be getting Summer glau’s autograph and Stan Lee and some others as well. I’m really happy about that and I look forward to it. I enjoy seeing everyone dressed up and I plan to take photos as well. I want to get another battery so I can have a back up because it does go quickly. More so than I thought it would. I figure if I use up one I can have the back up. I have one big card and a couple small back ups. I still need a better care someday, this one is tons better than my two back ups.

Looks like it is finally raining, I’ve been waiting for it for over a week. Last week we was to have rain all week, it never showed and now it was saying we have rain all this week and maybe it is true. I just hope its nice comicon weekend.

Well I think that is all for now. I just wanted to get somethings out of my head, yes its jumbled but its there. OHHH!

Since I broke the bed, I weighed myself and I’m gaining all my weight back. I need to eat better and start walking on our tread mill, maybe I can do that today. I want to try and get more veggies for me to eat, I was doing that before and stopped because so much of it went bad before I could eat it. I will try again and try and keep from doing fast food I need to get in the swing of things.

Between stress and getting depressed, school, work and everything I’ve let the house get more and more dirty esp little miss Jaeden’s mess. I need to clean up more and get back in to doing everything. I just hope I don’t get knocked down again. I want to do more and feel better but some days I just don’t want to move. ok ok I think that is it now.

I love you Chris

♥ Raychel


2 responses to “Accidentprone

  1. stuffykaida says:

    I love you very much. I hope my job settles down one way or another

  2. stuffykaida says:

    I hit the send too quick. I love everything we are able to do together and I cant wait for Comic-Con. I know we will have a great time

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