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D&D Weekend

on April 27, 2015

So we left out friday after chris got off work. It was kind of a long ride, we already knew this, But after working and everything it seemed like a much longer ride than I thought it would be. We got out to where it was very wooded country road and it started making me think of indiana and austin and jennings county. I’ve lived here and cali for so long it was like wow they have this kind of area out here!?!? lol yes I know strange but very real. We started getting to dirt road to pull in to and things and when going back in the country areas and then this first thing in my mind was OMG no one will hear our screams. Every horror movie and story was now flashing threw my head. Mind you yes we met these people before, yes we had been talking to them but essentually they where still strangers, and in my head I’m like oh jesus…. we didn’t let anyone know where exactly we was going, we didnt let anyone know names or anything about these people.

I did talk to my mom she knew chris and I was going to some new friends house and staying out there and playing games, D&D and just hanging out and getting away. This was going to happen a few months from now but we kind of rushed it. They are a nice couple, they have 3 cats and both work, no kids. Only real issue I had was one smokes but I’m in her home and I won’t be that type who complains, So I kept allergy meds in me the whole time to help with it. It helped a little but not fully. Their bathroom smelled and I think it was a mix of issues. I know that is weird but other than that everything seemed fine. Our humor is different than theirs, but we all get the jokes just not all laugh out loud moments.

We played cards against humanity and that is for the most part a great game. So funny some of it. I wasn’t too in to how much they where in to videos and web sites (youtube, and SL). Learning D&D was a little much at some points because I picked druid as my caracter and I didn’t know that there where so many books and things I had to go threw for just that one thing. So my next caracter probably wont be drud. I’m not too fond of her being a gnome but that race was more like I am. next time I think I will fully go with a pixie not sure what class. I don’t want my caracter to die but I figure at somepoint it will.

I think that is all for right now, My imagination got away with it’s self at first but that’s who I am. Love you chris and hope you had a good time this weekend.




One response to “D&D Weekend

  1. stuffykaida says:

    I’m glad you had a good weekend. I enjoyed myself and I had many of the same worries you did. I think the smoking messed with both of us. I love you

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