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D&D, HMNS, and New people…

on April 23, 2015


^ fave photo from the butterfly garden ^

Things are changing, it’s getting hot and sometimes I don’t want to leave the apartment but we are doing much more than normal, we have the weekends off together lately because I normally have them off as long as we have all the employees needed here. We are making plans left and right and it’s exciting but also kind of scary. I know chris isn’t liking his job right now it’s really stressing him out to the point of physical sickness. It sucks on that part, they don’t pay that well either so he is planning to look for a new job I really hope something better comes for us. He really needs it.

We are looking for a new place to rent as well, I wish we could buy but that isn’t in the cards at this point in time. But, we are going to look while we rent. We hope to find a house to rent we are both over this apartment and the new people who are moving in. they are doing a lot of renevating as well, that is annoying somedays but not all the time anymore because they have been doing more in other places and not right next door like they where. Unfortunatly our new neighbors have brought in more than humans and loud ugly dogs, they are nasty and have brung bugs to the complex as well. I really can’t stand that but at the moment I figure no one will do anything here and they will blame us because our apartment isnt spotless so after my classes are over with for a few weeks I’m going to bust my ass cleaning everything from top to bottom then let them know about the bugs and the nasty asses down stairs.

On good notes we went this last weekend well, it was going to be the zoo but it was just too much all the parking around close was took and where we had to park was 20.00 unless you where going to the museum so we parked got to the doors to go out or go in the museum and was like why not… and went in. I really enjoyed it I loved the butterfly garden the most I think. I took a lot of photos in there and also in other areas. I had a blast and I can’t wait to go again because we got a membership to it so we can go enjoy it anytime we like.

We found a group of people who where looking for more D&D players for their group. So we met them the weekend before last it seemed alright, my anxiety and nerves kind of got to me and I was rather quiet, we have been talking to them via text to get to know them better and them us, since it will be held in their home. It is going to be a weekend thing every month just once a weekend I believe. I’m excited about it and it will be going on friday evening, saterday and sunday morning we will be taking off. Right now I’m at work and working on our Books for the game. Yes we are strange I guess, we want the books but we have printed off the books as well and I am currently laminating them so we can use them at the game and not worry about smoke, spills, or food getting all over it and messing the pages up. We have yet to get our dice and a few other things. OH! I got chris a DND bag for now till I make the ones I’m wanting to. It’s a very good one black leather with ironman on it.

we have the comicon coming up here in houston as well, We have already bought tickets and reserved our room at a hotel that is close. I can’t wait to meet stan lee! We bought a comic book by stan lee we plan to have signed so another awesome thing, and I would like a signed photo and us to get a photo together with him. We are also wanting some other signatures as well, I don’t think I want a photo with anyone else. Unless any of the serenity screw shows or maybe joss if he shows up!

Let’s see OH OH OH renfest is coming up soon I’m very excited about that as well. It wont be till the fall but all these photo oprtunities are very exciting plus doing so much stuff that I’ve just not had time or money to do. I’m able to now when in my past I just couldn’t. I’m very happy with my life the most happy I believe I have ever been.

I love you chris

always & forever


One response to “D&D, HMNS, and New people…

  1. stuffykaida says:

    I’m glad that you are looking forward to things. I was worried you didn’t want to do the D&D. I can’t wait for things. I may not like my job but I will stick around. I am so happy you are happy. I love you

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