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Our Adventure

on March 30, 2015

So I didn’t keep up with my blog esp after saturday because Chris got off early and we went to several places riply’s believe it or not, riply’s haunted tour, and genesis book of world records. We had lunch at Fudruckers and we tried an elk burger and it was yummy, don’t taste much different from a normal burger less grease and more dense I guess you could say. It was good 😀 I started hurting so we had to go back home, I hate that so much because I feel it frustrates Chris and it does me too I wish I could turn off my pain but it’s always there just sometimes it isnt bad and other times it is so much I have to make myself move just so I will do the basic things for the house or myself.

Over all this was a nice trip, Sunday we went to the tower of americas, it was nice I got suviner photos, we got some things from the gift shop there and at the almao, I wish Chris would get things he likes other than just smashed pennies. That is something we have in common we get them almost everywhere we go, I always have and I still have some older ones for places I have been. I took some photos, not as many as I would have liked because inside the alamo they don’t allow it, not sure why ( I understand no flash photos mind you). But I got a few here and there not a lot. I plan to put them up on facebook like normal. I did a lot of knitting on my loom while there.

yesterday I’m sure Chris was just happy to be home, I was and jaeden was very happy. She did a lot better than I had expected really. I have to get back in to the swing of doing homework and I need to get my ass going and studying for my quiz. I have to pass it or I will get an incomplete on my class and I will fail and then I will cry my eyes out honestly. I’m not in a good mood over it all really because I hate the fact that I have to spend so much time at school and stuff over this one class that is supposed to be ONLINE. I also have to go and turn in crap because I have to prove I graduated highschool ( when they have my college transcript on file) and some paper about being dependant or married in which I am neither. Very messed up if you ask me. But I have to or I don’t get to go to my next semester. Also I have to go in for some freshmen meeting about how to handle money. Really?? I’m pretty sure I have done a pretty good job the last oh about 16-17 years… wow I feel old now thinking about that.

I don’t think Chris is going to take me to another haunted house, I couldn’t see because I don’t see well in the dark so I held on to him a lot, I’m sure he got frustrated over the two bridges and how slow I was being and stuff in it. I mean we made it through I jumped over the air that blows at you in some places but I do that over any random air being blown like that. Oh and I jumped when a car honked at me. I feel sorry for the kids who was in front of us, and when I say kids I mean little kids one maybe possibly in first grade or second who wanted to go on it, and two even smaller ones. In my head I was ” I have to do it this way” So I did do it that way, Chris kept telling me what I already knew but I still had to cross the bridge like my head said to. I’m weird I know, and honestly the stuff dont scare me but my anticipation of it and stuff just gets way high and that is what messes with me, and some days I think I am blind when it comes to being in the dark. some days I’m good some days I’m just horrible about it.

I think my fave was tower of Americas, we went to the observation deck I took some photos we talked around and looked, we went and ate lunch ( it was good and expensive), then we went to the gift shop and then the 4D adventure thing called “skies of texas” It was fun we go wind, water, and jumbled all around during it.

I think that is all for now I think I have hit everything other than the naughty things that no one needs to know over our week. It was a great adventure and I can’t wait till our next.
I love you Chris


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