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First Day in San Antonio

on March 25, 2015

It was a long drive to get here but it’s nice I love the view from our room (7th floor) it’s nice here clean and smells good the net is slow but still good, Can’t complain much for free internet. Wish there was more channels but still good. I’ve been watching cartoons all morning. I’m working on putting away things our clothing and things more like home, it’s what I do I dont like living out of the suit case really.

Last night we went out with chris’ co workers it was okay the food was good I can’t remember where we went but it was an italian place on the river walk, Id love to eat at a couple other places that I seen esp the boats they have you can eat on it, not sure if I want to for sure or just ride on it. either would be fun, and there is a place I seen another friend who goes to it in TN called  dicks last resort, I’m glad there is one here. I ruined the suprise knowing the place because chris wanted to take me for fun and surprise because its a place who does bags for you to put on your head and they write something on it and I guess your not supposed to read it and that is fine really. I think it would be fun.

I want to go to the tower of America and eat up in it, I hope its not so busy that its hard to get in to or a really long wait. it’s warm here much more so than baytown but the humidity isn’t as bad. its a big place and very busy I didnt take any photos last night because it felt I was rushed most of the night and I didn’t want to lose the group, they took a few photos but it was quick shots and I enjoy taking time and doing a lot more photos than one or two.

I think that is it for now. I enjoyed the company of other people last night, it was a nice change but I missed having more one on one time with Chris. I guess some people don’t understand our relationship but they don’t have to.

I love you baby




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