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Our First Vacation

on March 23, 2015

Tuesday Chris and I will be going on our first vacation, a work vacation for him. I’m very excited about it. It’s just a few hours away in San Antonio that we will be going but we have plans to check out a few places to eat and enjoy ourselfs. I have most of our stuff packed, just need to finish up in the morning. Chris will be going before me because he has to go to work and do somethings and get checked in to the hotel, I’m very nervous about driving the car so far, it’s new and I’m still kind of getting use to it and I really would flip shit if something would happen to it.

I hope Chris is as excited about the trip and seeing a place and doing things we have never done before. It’s suppose to be nice and warm most of the time we are there. Today hasn’t been the greatest day, between waking to the apmt smelling of new cat shit on the floor, forgetting my keys at home(I hope), being late to sign in for work, droping my flash cards for my quiz and messing up a lot of them (so I will need to re-do a few of them), the quiz I’m suppose to do today, turning in other crap at work and just feeling blah. It’s a long day and it’s just 9:30am lol sounds like fun right? Well I’ve been bad and canceled out on the quiz I can take it next week, yes I know I’m bad. But I cannot do my best w/o studying and I can’t study when quite a bit of my cards didn’t make it threw hurricane Raychel. So I will take the quiz next week after vacation I have lots of time to study and replace cards then and I hope to pass it next week.

I still need to turn in my homework for the week I wont be here, and tomorrow morning I have to take a test and get things packed up, go shopping for a couple things for the trip mainly water I want to get it before getting to there, and fill up the car, and I should be on my way between 1-2pm tomorrow. I should get there 3-4 hours later. oh and I will probably eat lunch before taking off as well. Sounds like a plan. I wish Chris was going to be traveling with me but, at least he will be with me on the way back and hopefully we find things we can stop and check out and not just drive drive drive… that’s the fun part when traveling is checking out things and places you have never seen before.

I think I’ve over packed a bit but I wanted to be sure to have everything plus extra incase anything happens, plus we might be staying an extra day I’m really excited about it all. Chris was talking about taking me some place that would make me kill him, not sure if that is good or bad. He wont tell me anything other than its there and only there. So I’m hoping its some place fun.

We talk a lot about our future it’s nice to think about and work toward with someone who wants to be with me and go and do so much more than I’m use to with others. It’s so nice. We talk about moving and buying a place here over renting, It’s exciting to think about and we have found a few places we really like, in the long run of things we are talking about moving to Alaska and that just makes me down right giddy over it. I love it honestly having land and being able to do so much there. Yes I know it gets cold, I know the snow, but I can deal with that a whole lot better than the humidity down here in texas its completely crazy most of the year you can’t get out because of it, or its raining, its very rare to have a day we can go out and enjoy the day and the sun and just have fun.

I’m still enjoying the new car, new bill not so much, but it’s nice to have a car I can fully trust. The cars I have had in my past yes no bills along with it but they are so worn down sometimes I’m constantly fixing it or scared it will just break down now and die. I miss my old car sometimes but I love my serenity ( the new car). I will be getting my Tx drivers licenece soon I hope they are really backward here you have to have a car pretty much or a letter saying you do not have a car. I think this is as much as I’m going to write today I will try and write everyday while we are on vacation and share photos. SO excited!



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