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Whole new world

on November 13, 2014

That’s what it is feeling like lately, it’s all new in ways. Good and bad ways. The new job I have I love it, it’s so nice to be part time, yes I will get more hours here and there but I know my check wont be 80 hours probably ever. That would be a good paycheck, but I’m happy here it’s nice, quite, I don’t have to deal with too many people or explain any “issues” like my previous job. I love seeing the sunrise on my morning shifts and seeing sunsets on my evening ones. I will be bringing my camera here soon, I am planning on it anyway. They finally got the computer stuff all set up for me and I can get online and at least do somethings. I am blocked from facebook. It’s odd but hey whatever floats. At least I can do other things to keep my mind going. I’m going to get more books I need books to read here I don’t want all my time to be at the computer. I am reading one I am positive I have read in the past or perhaps I just know the story of it as is. I’m going to finish it and read more I have at home.

Chris’ job he doesn’t like that much, but I know it will be a stepping stone for him, he will be able to say yes I was a banker not just a teller. Seems he wasn’t in the higher position long enough for some other banks, and I think that will be fine for right now. He plans to talk to his ex about getting the car on their credit took care of. That would be a good thing but I honestly don’t think she would care or even try to help get it done, she don’t need her credit to be better I’m guessing. We however do need his better and mine better for that matter and we are working on it.

January I should be starting my classes, I’m currently doing everything I need to for the college to get back in to it. I hope this time when I graduate I feel I have something I can actually do and make a career out of, my last one I feel was a big waste of money and time for me. I enjoyed it I dont regret it just wish I had went to something better and did something more. IF that makes any since at all. Chris is doing well in his classes he has a lot of online classes he is working on. I’m so proud of him he is working hard and going to school. And soon I will be too.

Febuaray we hope to get a new car, a care that is essentually mine it will replace my pathfinder. I will miss the ol’ girl she has been damned good to me. This will be the first time ever I have even considered buying something with someone else, with my ex I never did it was either my name or his, just like renting and bills it was mine or his, plain and simple. I’m glad I have someone I can trust enough to buy things with and share things like a real couple should.

Texas weather is driving me a little nuts because it was so hot I could barely deal with it and now its freaken cold as hell and I don’t really have that warm of clothing I got rid of it all before I moved to california, and just haven’t gotten any more winter stuff, I have a few jackets/hoodies/sweaters to wear out but they dont help much unless I double up. I can’t seem to find my mittens as well that I made before last winter. Maybe I will find them this weekend sometime. OH! this weekend…

We planned to go to renfest saturday but hell if it isn’t going to rain us out. So maybe the weekend after we can. I look forward to going I really like it there.

Today is super slow I guess because of the cold, I’m sure no one wants to fish or hike when its chilly like this. I know it’s winter but sheesh texas shouldn’t be this cold I think. I guess I should be happy this feels more like the fall for indiana, I shouldn’t be as cold as I am. Maybe I’m getting use to this texas stuff and I get cold like other texans now. I find it funny yes its cold but I wont be wearing a parka like I seen a girl wearing the other evening. It’s not that damned cold.

Well I think I’ve went on enough just thought I would toss up some updates.



One response to “Whole new world

  1. stuffykaida says:

    I’m glad that you like your new job. I know that your other was stressing you out. We will get out to renfest next weekend I just don’t want it being cold and wet. I am excited you can start school. I love you

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