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Stressed out!

on June 28, 2014

Okay so things haven’t been the best lately… car had to be put in the shop for a few days so we had to rent a car šŸ˜¦ this sucked big time but we had to and we are adults so 350 dollars later I have my car back.

yesterday was Destinee’s birthday it was a hard day as is, I knew it would be but I was making it and smiling and doing what I needed to do. Late in my shift I finally called my mom because she had been calling and having my brother text me and I’m not really suppose to talk on my cell or the work phone for personal use. So anyway I called and found out that morning dad had another heart attack this time because of a blood clot.

He is doing alright he is in the hospital and all I can think is how broken our family is now, with one brother in Cali, mom in GA and me here in TX and other brother and dad in Indiana. We are so far stretched out over the US it kinda sucks. I miss them I miss my family and friends but I know here it is best for me.

Things have been up and down in my head lately as well, Chris and I haven’t been able to be intimate in a while and I’m missing it greatly and trying hard not to push for anything because that stuff is what led to the incident a few months ago we are still trying to completely get over.

I’m pretty well over it just it’s still there every so often. But we are doing a lot better, just work and life has been wearing us thin and we can’t get much time together. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy what time we get and we do cuddle and things just when you don’t get to have other things you end up missing it more and more and your mind is there more often.

blah I don’t think I have anything else to say. I love you Chris.



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