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5 Things I have learned living with a nudest

on January 11, 2014

A little over a year ago I moved here to TX, I never knew I would end up living with nudest and I’ve learned 5 things so far for sure.

1. They are stunning creatures, but not everyone will agree with me.
    And that it just fine with me, living with a nudest I’ve noticed she allows us to appreciate fascinating morphology without anything getting in the way. I use to be one of them that didn’t understand or even like to look at one. But now I enjoy the unigue apperance, I get completely capticvated by the ears, high definitioned cheekbones, and delightful long legs and soft skin. I love the ripples up her back when she gets tickled, I can’t get enough of stroking her soft, warm skin and kissing her. Her soft belly is my favorote to touch when she let’s me, her lovely almond-shaped eyes and cute mouth.

2. (speaking of mouths) They’ve got big mouths! HUGE!

They are known for being chatterboxes. They talk-talk-talk using a whole repertoire of chirps, squeaks, and whines. She’s got the vocal range of Mariah and a diva personality to match. If you disturb her while she’s resting, she’ll let out a sound not unlike an annoyed teenager’s “Whaaat?” And, like a typical teenager, she’ll talk back to you if you tell her “no.” Believe me “no” is in her vocabulary to use but not understand when being told it. When they aren’t using their mouths to express themselves, they are shoving food in there.

3. They can get a little LOT … gross

Nudists need a lot of care. I was lucky because I was adopted by her when she is an adult, They can leave an oily residue on clothes and linen (and me) if you don’t bathe them weekly, but it was still quite a surprise the first time I saw it for myself.

They started sleeping under the covers with me. It was January, and still chilly here in TX  and she was grimier than what I now know is normal (they don’t look it either). I woke up one morning to find a greasy, nudest sized mark on my blanket. “Look!” I said to my self with a certain degree of intrigue and disgust, and that’s the less gross of somethings I’ve got to witness in my year with the nudest. A
nudest needs pedicures to clean out the gunk that gets trapped in their nails beds and between each toe. Ears need to be cleaned, and accidents always happens!

4. They really don’t like to be alone

Unlike the fully clothed, who are a typical mix of cuddly aloofness,nudest border on being creepy little stalkers. You want personal space? Alone time with your significant other? Impossible! They are all up in your business all of the time. I’ll often be taking a shower, minding my own business, and turn around to find her perched on the edge of the tub, her large unblinking eyes boring into mine. “You wanted five minutes alone in the bathroom?” she seems to be asking. “I don’t think so.” (And yes, they can open doors!)

Don’t get me wrong –- I love that they follow me around and solicit my attention constantly. I’m home alone a lot. They are always up for playing or warming my lap, and it’s impossible to feel lonely with them here. They love to sleep tucked in the bed almost every single night.

5. They will completely steal your heart!

I am completely in love obsessed with my Sphynx cat. Oh did I forget to mention the nudest is our fur-baby umm well nudest baby?  My life is so much fuller because she is in it, and while I might not have known what to fully expect when I got in to it , I’ve worked to become to the best Sphynx mom I can be. This cat has totally won me over with their exotic look, playful personalities, and affectionate dispositions.

Owning a Sphynx (or any pet, for that matter) is not for those who don’t want a big commitment. I’m ready and willing, though, because if I’ve learned anything in this crazy life of mine, it’s to go big or go home!

While I sit here and write all I can think about is how my girl creeps on people threw the window and out doors when we allow her to.

~happily a mommy of a dirty nudest~



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