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Holidays and The yearly round-up.

on December 27, 2013

This year has been a big year for me, yes last year was huge as well. But this year I’ve been living in Tx with a wonderful man, Our relationship started last year and officially will be one year the 2nd. I’ve had this job a year now, I’ve not got in to getting back to school because a lot of other things have came up. Between working, getting our own place that I’m very happy about, trying to spend time together, his new job, him going to school, then just holidays and life. Mix it all up and you have a very busy woman here.

I’m not sure I understand why even with my new life I get depressed. How can I be so happy and still have bounds of depression. Now I know it has a lot to do with the people I’m around, or not able to be around, I’m an empath most just don’t understand it so I tend not to bring it up anymore.

Let’s see a run threw the main holidays here:

Thanksgiving was nice we spent it with his family. My peanut butter pie ended up in his back seat (lol), and still is there. We need to wash it out and get his new gifts in the car to make it look better I think.

Christmas was nice as well, it was great to actually be able to buy gifts to give to our loved ones. We limited each other on the agreement of 150.00 to spend on gifts. I’m very happy with what he got me, since I’ve been wanting one forever now. He got me a sewing machine and also a sewing box. I got him a car set of mats, seat covers, and steering wheel cover. Also a set of light up iron man coasters, 2 t-shirts from firefly, and a Lego set that makes the serenity ship.

Now we are going on a date night for new years, not sure where hes taking me to eat but we are going to see the new hobbit movie.

I really need to blog more but between work and everything it’s hard to really sit down and find something to write about. I will be blogging things I craft though. I hope everyone is doing well and their holidays have been blessed.



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