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Bonston, America, and other Tragedies

on April 15, 2013

I feel for boston and all the families in this event, I pray for justice and for strength not just for the families but us all as a nation, but I’m sorry I won’t put my life on hold and fear for another attack. I understand yes it is bad, yes even if its an american who done this it is still a terrorist act, and should be punished.

I mean 2 people died, that is sad 100s injured yes sad, But damn be happy it wasn’t another 9-11. walk away, help, Don’t stop living, and this learn from it! Don’t fear it!

There will always be another tragedy, small or large, personal or national. We must keep moving on help where we can to show whoever done this it will not break us and we stand as one. I’ve noticed friends/family break apart over the smallest things, we as a whole are weak.

America is weak honestly, Yes we are big and bad ass and will fight. But really after a war, we go and clean it up. We are in debt to other places, yet when we save the day no one is in debt to us. I’m sorry I just dont see the point of going to war destroying places then cleaning them up.

Most americans even fear the government, STOP just stop! No one can bully you unless you let them. We are supposed to run the government, not them be in control of us. We need to learn to work as a whole or things are just going to get worse.

We have our own to worry about, yet the government sits by and worries about other children starving while our own goes without. We educate other’s and let our own slip threw the system.

Normally I don’t talk about politics, or anything in the news. The news is ALWAYS sad, always something bad, always something to take our hope and replace it with fear.

We need to put more out there, take small things from your day let it give you hope even for a moment even if it’s something so small and tedious. Be happy you have dishes to do because 1- you have a place to stay 2- you can afford water, dishes and food. take hope in the small things that normally annoy you.

Mind you, this is how I feel right at this moment. It might change later But I doubt it. We have more in our lives than facebook, cellphones, computers and things. Go out learn something be happy!

When someone talks about the zombie appocolipse, All I can think is that it’s already here. We are the mindless eating machines. We eat and watch TV, play on computers, text, we don’t pay attention to things we need to and we take in what the government and news tells us and we swallow it down.

Learn to question everything.

now that I have that out of my head…

Be happy, Be strong, and Have No fear.



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