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Daddy 4/13/2013

on April 14, 2013

Last night I got a few missed calls and texts I couldn’t answer because I was at work, I finally got around to at least reading the text and it was my mom saying dad was in the hospital, he had a heart attack and was flown to another hospital.

Him and my littlest brother was at some relatives in Texas for a few days before going on to california. Right now he is in the hospital and he is coherent and talking, he had to have surgery he had two stints put in his heart.

I hate so much I can’t make a trip to see him even though he is closer to me now than my grandmother was, and I was able to go see her. At this point I don’t really care how much time I will spend with him I just want to be there check on him make sure he is ok.

I know he is ok but still I want to see him. My mom and my other brother will be coming from KY to TX they left out this morning. Headed to the hospital dad is in. Mind you I have no clue what hospital and at this point I’m not really remembering the town even!

I know there is nothing I can do, I basically wasted 700 bucks for plane tickets honestly I didn’t have to do or go. I’d rather see my dad now.

I’m ready for my days off, I have one more day of work and get two days off. yes I know I know “two days is enough to drive and see your dad” yes, Yes, I know this but we wouldn’t be able to leave till Tuesday after 2:30, the trip is about a 7hr trip so we’d make it at 9:30 ( that is if we don’t get lost or anything). I’m not sure if we would get to see him if he is still in the hospital because there are visitor hours right now for him and he needs a lot of rest. So, I might get to see him sometime in the morning (2hrs at the most) but we would have to leave early to get back home before it’s too late because I have to work Thurs and Chris has class and work. We wouldn’t be able to make it back before his class I’m sure of that. Yes I know I could go alone but my car just wouldn’t make it I don’t think honestly. So it’s just a lot of things saying no. maybe if dad is around my next days off or maybe is at my families in TX. That is an hour shorter of a trip.

*sigh* I love you daddy


2 responses to “Daddy 4/13/2013

  1. stuffykaida says:

    I wish that we could go. I hate telling you no.I want to be able to give you sceverything you want. Maybe we can try and plan something next week

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