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New Things…

on March 7, 2013

Well This year is all new, new state, new bf, new job, and soon a new apartment. We have decided on an apartment that has a garage. We are still looking around since we know we are not moving right away. we have been looking threw things we want for the house, living room set, and some decorations, Chris has most of the house hold things as is. We just need a bigger couch a love seat though we are ok in it just isn’t that comfortable with us both sitting in it. Mind you I enjoy sitting close to him but the love seat makes it mandatory.

We got a new TV for the living room and the old living room TV will be going to the bed room and that TV will be shipped out. It’s an old big heavy box TV but it works great still. We have tv shelves picked out and wall mounts ordered. We are getting things we need and getting rid of a lot we don’t like or is his ex’s. I honestly want his and my place US and only US not a lot of ex’s stuff laying around. Not sure if that makes since to everyone else but it does in my head.

I don’t have much left of my relationship with my ex. I am really glad, I have a few things here and there but it’s things I wanted and he bought, if I had the money I would have bought them myself. Simple enough, they wasn’t gifts or anything like that, I don’t think I kept any gifts from him.

Let’s see, OH I haven’t even been at my job 2 months and I’ve gotten a raise. How damn exciting is that?!?! it’s the first raise I have EVER gotten w/o asking for it. Mind you it was only a quarter but still that is an extra 40 bucks a month. I’m happy!

Chris said he was proud of me, honestly I don’t think I’ve ever really been told that in my life by anyone. They might tell others but never me. It made me very happy to make him proud even though it was just me doing my job, My job is to take care of the customers make them happy and keep the owners happy by selling the rooms and taking care of the front desk.

I’m still missing Rehab. I hate thinking about having to find him a new home. We have one pet she’s a sphinx and in my face right now. Her name is Jaeden. It’s Chris’ fur-baby. The apmt we are looking at has a “one pet rule” at least that is what it has on the web site. However when talking with them we told them we had 2 pets, They didn’t say anything other than how much it would be per pet. I think it’s 400 dep and like an extra 20 a month. That extra a month I honestly feel is bullshit esp when that 400 should be it. Jaeden is very well behaved and so is rehab.

Chris is at school today then he works tonight as well. I hate these days and this coming week is not going to be a happy one for me. I will be in pain and I will be tired and probably cranky. Not being able to have some time with chris on his spring break in my head already ticks me off.

The new girl at work we trained is staying the rest of this week but then is leaving to a new job. How shitty, and the owners are going out of town for the week. So I have no off day till the owners get back. That will be probably Thursday, when Chris starts back to work. So we might have a few hours between sleep and him working to maybe watch a movie or something. Nothing major.

I’m scared our jobs are going to get between him and my relationship. I honestly don’t think it will happen. I don’t think working together would either but, that’s my opinion. I just don’t want him to feel lonely when I’m living here with him. I love him so much, I hope he knows this. He’s the only person I think that reads my blog.

*warning mushy stuff for him ahead*

I know the ” love letter” wasn’t a traditional one so…

My dearest love,

   I want you to know how much you mean to me, but there are not enough words to tell you, and no word can truly be enough to describe how I feel. I never want to lose you, our love, or our relationship. We have so many levels as humans and to find someone else who can fit them so perfectly as well as bring out new ones at the same time. It has to be true love, you are my soul mate. No matter what I will forever love you, I will always be beside you no matter what happens or how hard it gets.

I had a dream last night. I didn’t like it, I don’t know where it came from. I love you, my heart is not my heart anymore, it’s yours. yes I give it willingly, but you had it easily the first day we met. I’ve known you a long time. we know each others faults but I know there are more good things in each of us and with us together than bad things.

I know we will have hard times and bad times. I want to spend them all with you. I want a long and happy future with you, Only you would be able to give me. You make me happy, before you, I thought I knew happy and at some points I was happy but not for the reasons other’s think. Most was you, my sister, and some close friends. I’ve known you since 04. You make me smile even with a message on a screen.

I’m so happy now, with you, I hope you will always know this.


* Mushiness is over thank you for your patience now please keep your arms and legs in while we enjoy the rest of the ride.*

Now, let’s see any more new things…. Oh we got two new hermit crabs to go along with the two older ones. For my birthday Chris got me a hello kitty alarm clock and glitter lamp thing. Well I just noticed the time, I need to find lunch and start getting ready for work after. I hope everyone has a good weekend, it’s coming up soon.

peace love and ducttape




One response to “New Things…

  1. stuffykaida says:

    I am very happy that you are here with me. I am glad that we are starting a new life together. I love you very much and I am always proud of you.

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