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For the ex’s and the people who are the 3rd wheel.

on January 9, 2013

When two hearts have bonded to one other, initially that bond is nearly impenetrable. There is no one or nothing that should be able to come between these two. These aren’t two people that are dependent upon one another they just care and love that much.

When you love someone, their happiness is ultimately your first priority in the relationship.  sometimes it’s hard to understand the concept of happiness. Since happiness is not consistent, people often misinterpret what that means. Especially when happiness comes for the person you care for with someone who isn’t you.

Anyway, loving someone means caring, giving, supporting, & a multitude of other qualities.

When two people are in love, take a seat this will take a bit to get it all out of my head. No matter how much you feel like you belong with that person or how much you feel you could be for them.

If a man loves a woman, woman loves a woman, woman loves a man, man loves a man, or any other veritable of such, whether it’s genuine or not, you’ll never be their first place.

Sometimes this is a gloomy acceptance, but it’s for Not to say that a person isn’t capable of interrupting a bond, but I’m a firm believer in “ya lose em’ how ya got em’”.

When you want someone who loves a person that isn’t you, the risk of unrequited feelings exponentially increases. Unrequited feelings are easily some of the hardest emotions to experience.

Lastly, I can’t talk about an outside disturbance without discussing a break from within. I always feel a certain type of way when I see someone give their all, and they still get hurt.

If someone loves you, don’t bullshit them and break them down. You may never know what heart break could do to a person.

I’ve experienced heartbreak so profound that my entire perception was altered. This isn’t to say that every relationship doesn’t have ups & downs, just make sure you’re always valuing and respecting your partner. Love is as beautiful as two people make it.


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