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new year, new life, just new.

on January 5, 2013

So, it’s a new year

hello 2013, good bye 2012

good bye ex, hello Chris.

It’s sooner than I expected I guess, but I have a good man a damn good man who loves me and I don’t question, one who is my best friend. Last year was a whorl wind of drama and just bullshit. This year will be better. I am now living in Texas, looking for a job, wanting to start school soon and in the arms of the most wonderful man I have ever known.

“stuffy” you all might remember I blogged about him. I have known him for 8 years and honestly from the start I have liked him more than a friend but I knew it would never go anywhere so I just kept it to myself. I basically didn’t think he would want me or would ever want me. I can’t help but smile thinking he is mine now and I am his.

I really thought I knew what love was. I thought I knew kisses, cuddles, and more was. Yes affection I know that but with the right person it’s like electricity running threw you and you just want more. It’s hard to kiss him when he leaves and not pull him back for more. He fits perfectly with me. It’s just so right.

Him climbing in bed and cuddling me in the morning is such a nice way to wake up. I never thought things could feel this way. I know we have a lot to get threw, I need to get a job first and foremost. I’ve been turning in applications online every day, trying hard to remember dates and places and people I have worked for.

I know this blog is late but I’ve been keeping busy and just don’t get online as much. Know this, I am happy. I’m happier than I think I have ever been, and I know my sister would have loved chris. I know she is looking down and taking care of me knowing he is perfect for me.



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