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Oh the weather outside is frightful and the snow is so delightful!

on December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas!

Ok I got that out of the way! I want to share with everyone why I enjoy Christmas, really I love Christmas it’s not my favorite holiday like other people. I love winter as well even though I bitch about it esp the snow. Now, I love snow flakes the shape and knowing none of them are the same they are all different like us, like our finger prints. I love the lights, the decoration, the music, the kids smiles over just being off school and watching someone open a gift you gave to them and it be the perfect thing. The perfect gift they hadn’t seen or thought about or the one thing they have been wanting but wont or haven’t bought their self. The surprise in their eyes and smile that come from it makes it all worth it. Now if you get a “oh wow” or another expression of surprise and awe that is so much more!

I know I ran threw music up there already but I’d like to explain a bit more, yes *sigh* the holiday music is my secret vice. when it gets closer to Christmas you will catch me humming or singing with or without music but it will be a Christmas song. In the car alone I will belt that song out loud and proud no matter how horrible my voice is.

Christmas brings out the kid in me, it makes me alive again, it makes her alive more in me. My sister and I love Halloween and I think about her a lot at that time of year but Christmas its like she lives inside me, as I enjoy the lights the smiles the snow the chill to the bone weather. Mind you before and after Christmas yes I get annoyed esp living where it snows, I would rather visit it. I don’t like to drive in it and after a few days it gets to looking nasty.

I have noticed a trend lately of people complaining about “merry christmas” or “happy holidays” and the president calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree. I’m curious why should it matter? you know what it is, everyone knows what it is. I don’t celebrate Hanukkah but if someone happens to tell me Happy Hanukkah  I don’t correct them, but I do say it back. What they say to me I give back, if I happen to say first normally I say Happy Holidays, if it is Christmas I say Merry Christmas. Now if it is someone I know, or Santa, yes I say Merry Christmas because I know what they celebrate. Some people just want to make the simplest things in to big huge problems.

*smiles* I hope next years Christmas will be a better one, and even better every year after. I will be heading out to texas tomorrow. I’m excited and very happy just over the thought of it. I can’t wait.

Merry Christmas!


Love always






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