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Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

on November 12, 2012

I love how people bitch about how others use the government and such yet they go and waste our tax money and the president’s time on stupid shit like petitions for things that won’t happen. Stand with our government, HELP make changes or leave, let your balls drop and grow the fuck up and stop blaming your problems on everyone else, I was raised to stand beside our president and government to make decisions WITH us! for the betterment of the US, more over I was raised to believe god has a plan! If our president is so horrible guess what it’s god’s plan it is fate! You can have faith in god and his decisions or bitch and whine and waste breath and time on things you cannot change at this point.


Also, they will not be taking our gun rights hello?!?! do you not understand this? 2nd amendment, stop bitching about it. It would be stupid to it’s not like criminals actually listen and will be like ” oh we can’t have guns, it’s a law” HELLO they are criminals do you think they give a flying fuck? NO!


Now the reason I’m glad Obama is in again, I have a vagina and mitten’s was talking about taking the rights from women! So I feel if you are a woman and was supporting mitten’s you are a dumb ass and really shouldn’t have a vagina. Unless you want to be in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant with your rapists baby? hey by all means go for it. NOW before anything starts about how I like killing’ babies… NO personally I would NEVER give my child up no matter what, raped, the baby have birth defects, the baby sick NOTHING it will be mine and I would keep it. BUT I would never push my beliefs off on someone else!


On to gay rights, you know what anyone who has issues about that if it is not your dick/pussy, life KEEP OUT OF IT! you think it is a sin? well it’s not yours! It is them their life let them have it! they want to be able to see their loved ones  in the hospital, they want to walk down the aisle or watch their bride walk down the aisle, just like anyone, they will want their divorce as well…. let them have it, I don’t understand why someone would bitch and whine and cry about this. Not so long ago different races couldn’t marry… it’s the same thing, if you believe that you are impacted by someone else marring who they love… I need to tell you something; you are not the center of this universe, The sun is.


When I was growing up I was taught to be open to love everyone. I try to even people who have wronged me or do wrong I don’t hate the person I might not like them but I don’t hate them, I hate their choices and I pray for them to make better ones in the future.


Now something else I have seen, about this birth control stuff. I’d rather my taxes go to people for birth control than have our taxes go to all the kids that will be born till they are 18, most who don’t want kids will give them up for adoption, we already have enough orphans in this country. We have enough kids that are being took care of on welfare do you really want more?


Also something to point out, not everyone on welfare are lazy, not everyone who needs food stamps or help are just mooching off the government, you have to realize all that you are wanting to “cut off” is more than food stamps; its grants, loans, and more. Some things the rich probably needed to get where they are, went to school? did you pay cash? no… didn’t think so!  Really you should think fully before opening your mouths. This stuff was put in to help our country, the people in it. Even the “bail outs” wouldn’t that be in this category? I think so. Our government has a lot of tape you have to go through even for food stamps, if you think someone is lazy and using the government TURN IT IN! stop bitching and do something. seem’s easy enough they do have 800 numbers if you suspect fraud. Turn them in, and if you are right the government agency will take care of it. If you are wrong they will prove to the agency there is no fraud and they will keep what they need.


I love how everyone is not looking at statistics of things as well over the last few presidents and Obama… take a look before you rant rave and bitch. I think he has done a better job than either bush sr or jr in all honesty. I admit I didn’t like Obama his first running I didn’t want him in, but I’ve noticed all things he wanted to do he was “cock blocked” by the house. More over it’s not just him making all the decisions we have congress and the house of reps that shit has to go through as well so you can’t just say it was all Obama, there is a hell of a lot of men/women to look at.


PS if you are butt hurt over what I have said– again, drop balls & grow up. Thanks and good night out there!


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