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Things are looking up

on November 7, 2012

So yesterday was an overload on happy!

Not only did Obama get put back in the white house ( yay), my doctor’s appointment went extremely well Ive lost 35lbs, my BP has went down 60 pts, so I’m normal on BP and don’t need that med.

My best friend got a job, not the best but a job is a job at this point.

Mom is feeling better she is moving around more since her surgery (31st on her knee).

Today we go and see the insurance people about the wreck since the other ladies ( who was at fault mind you) isn’t wanting to pay for the damage to not only the car (a couple thousand in damage) they offered 900.00 yeah NO!, they are claiming they knew nothing of my mom and aunt’s bills for medical and that’s bull shit because them going to the ER via ambulance is in the police report they have. So that’s a bit of a mess hopefully that my mom’s insurance can pay off then sue the ladies insurance. Pretty bad we have to do it this way, but what needs to be done is getting done.

I’m selling more things on e-bay, the “yard sale” sites on face book are fucked up. I did sell a couple things but everyone else is asking tons of questions not clicking on the pic and reading it their self  then after 3 days of questions not buying it in the end and that’s fine, or they will make a time for a meeting then not show, or even after I tell one person no we can’t go down on a price 3 more people will ask, sorry NO is NO!

Thought I would toss a small update up 😀 I’m a very happy girl I hope I can keep it this way.

Peace, love & Ducttape



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