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on November 5, 2012

a bit late
well i’m a bit late on this blog should have written it last month
i should have written before now long before now but my sister
destinee lost her battle lost the war and yes i thought i went
crazy before no i had some sanity left but its gone now march.5th 2009
i lost my sister and i lost everything at least when it comes to my
sanity and mind and soul for that matter i stood there at the
hospital holding her hand watching her breathing getting more and
more shallow then i felt the heart beat in her finger tips stop
it took what seemed to be foreever i still sit there holding her
hand not wanting to let her go threw the whole time i kept talking
toher in hopes she would hear me to know how much i love her and
will always love her for two years ive watched her basically die
i hate this and i’m still in the limbo of it all just waiting for
her to call waiting to see her walk threw the apmt door i kknow
shes never been threw before but i wait i know some people got a
message on yahoo from me under lil_baby_lucifer sorry thats the
main account i have its the e-mail the angelonjudgementday and
others you know are under the lil_baby_lucifer name… but i dont
know where i stand anymore i’m just lost at the moment my sister
was 17 and a lot of cancer centers turned her away b/c she wasnt
an adult they sent her to a childrens hospital constantly and that
plays more mind games then just having someone with cancer… my
sister had small cell carsanoma of the ovary she had another with
it but we never got a name for it i dunno well i’m out see everyone
around in a few more months i’m sure


( pic is the tattoo i got for my sister)
~just me
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Wednesday April 15, 2009 – 07:14am (CDT)


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