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Thankful– November 1st 2012

on November 1, 2012

Okay so I decided on facebook I would do this thankful for one thing everyday of November  I hope it will keep me positive and let me keep in mind what all good I do have in my life, the first thing I want really bad to put something else right now but on facebook I put my family I am thankful for my family. Some are kinda nutty yet think they are normal.

I am thankful for my family even if yes they do cause some stress and a lot of drama but everyone has that in and outside of family. My family always helps me and will talk and laugh with me and stand with me for the most part on things. My immediate family has always been beside me even when I make mistakes. Right now with no job and no where to really go or able to make it I’m living with my mother and father. They dont take it out on me or regret me living with them at my age. Now don’t think that I’m just living off them living in their basement doing nothing. I am helping around the house doing everything I can even though yes I get tired and cranky sometimes. Yesterday my mom had to have surgery and I’m caring for her, some children wont do that for their parents and all I can say is shame on you. I might get annoyed but I will always do and try hard for my family just as they do for me.

That’s part of being a family isn’t it? to help and be there for one another threw thick and thin? I see a lot of families not like that, it saddens me to see it but it makes me more happy I have the family I do have. I see other’s who don’t have this strong family as I have and I feel sorry for them all and I wish for everyone who does not have a strong family go to them forgive forget and be happy however you can be with them.

I think that is all for today, see you tomorrow this is going to be a month full of blogs.

~Peace, Love & Ducttape~



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