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Family Tree

on October 2, 2012

So for a few days now I’ve kinda been thinking about my family, and I’d like to write some about them just I don’t know that many really I mean yes I know hey this is uncle blah and aunt so and so.

When it comes to knowing them I don’t for the most part and I don’t remember a whole lot of the one’s I knew as a kid. on my dad’s side oldest I remember is my great grandmother, my mom’s my grandma. I want to know more just I hate the thought of paying for someone else to, or some business, or computer program to.

I want to find it. the farthest they can go back on one side is to my grandpa farmer, he was adopted so it kinda stops with him when it comes to following my blood line and that’s my dad’s mom’s dad. On my mom’s I just know of going back to the may flower because of a journal that my mom’s dad’s dad that came over his name was Pastor Burton. Pastor as in church just to clear that up. my mom can’t remember his first name. So you see what I’m just wondering where all I came from, I know I have a lot of native american in me, german, english, irish, basically I’m a mutt.

I have so much different things in me it’s hard to follow esp when no one ever kept up with that kind of thing. I have no idea how to start looking I know stories and I know what is passed threw the family.

I guess I will start with me.

My name is Rachel Turner, I was Rachel Norred for almost 2 years, I will be divorced in 7 days.

I was born in Salam, Indiana 2-26-1981 at 1:37am

I was 5lbs 3oz. 19 inches long, black hair and blue eyes, at the time no one seen I was “tongue tied”

The Doctor to deliver me was Dr.Apple

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister, all born to my mother and father.

My mother and father are still married no other kids outside of the marriage.

I’m not sure what more to put about me, I don’t like talking about myself but I think this is enough for now.



2 responses to “Family Tree

  1. stuffykaida says:

    I don’t know much about my family. Beyond my immediate family I really don’t know anything else. It would be fun to learn about family and where you came from. I do have to say that it is awesome your doctor was Dr. Apple

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