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Ramblings of my boggled mind

High School stuff….

on May 18, 2012

What school did you go to? Jennings County High School

What year did you graduate? 2000

What stereo type did you fall under? loner with too many friends to be a loner

Who were you always around?  Lyn sarah ummm a bunch.

Was there anyone you secretly had a crush on?yes

Who? Alex, Mike, ummm think that is really it.

If you could tell them now would you?  I either told them then (Alex) and yes I have told Mike I had a crush on him back in the day lol.

What was your favorite song back then? Fallen Angel by Poison

Who was your best friend? Lyn

Whats one of your fondest memories about HS? I think my whole junior year was the best.

Who was the one person you couldn’t stand? your kidding right I couldn’t stand most people in my school including some people who hung around with me and my real friends.

Who was your favorite teacher?  Mrs. Edens

Who was your least favorite teacher? I don’t think I had one.

Did you like the food? not really normally I grabbed a bag of fries and a soda.

Do you still keep in touch with anyone from HS? A few

What was your class song? I don’t know what it’s called something “onward panthers”??


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