Beyond the Boggled Mind

Ramblings of my boggled mind

Day One: Ten random facts about yourself

on April 17, 2012

1. I keep a blanket over me no matter how hot it gets.
2. I have to have my feet covered to sleep.
3. I love to drink water. Sometimes i drink 2+ bottles a day.
4. I love sushi!
5. I have over 25 colors in my nail polish collection.
6. I love reading books even though I don’t get to much.
7. I have over 24 items in my stuffed toy collection
8. When i turn on my computer, i click yahoo messenger first.
9.  I love the cold side of the pillow and switch threw the night.
10. I love sleeping in a cold room even if I’m shivering I’m happy sleeping in it.


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