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things all about me…

on March 27, 2012

Things about me

1- My favorite color is orange, why hmm I don’t know I just like it. side note: I like a lot of colors really.

2-My favorite place in the whole world is outside, I don’t do it much anymore but I love almost anywhere outside, beach, woods, park… esp if its with one other person just being kinda alone.

3-If I were an actress or an actor I would have loved to played the part of Claudia in Interview with a vampire because I think it would be nice to be the innocent sweet nightmare.

4-If I could choose any year to have been born I would have chosen the year 1913 because I’d be able to live threw the “roaring 20’s” I love the styles of clothing there and I really believe my previous life was in that time period.

5-If I were a born as an animal, I would have chosen to be a(an) panther because they are beautiful laid back yet strong and fierce

6-My family would describe me as weird

7-The thing that makes me happiest is… no comment 😉

8-The thing that makes me the saddest is… thinking about my sister, missing her.

9-The thing I wish other people would get about me is… you will never understand me fully.

10- 10 things that really stress me out are…

  • 1- bills
    5- no job
    6- no money
    7- thinking my future wont work out.
    8- over thinking!
    9- being stuck in the house
    10- not being able to have private/alone time

11-My idea of a perfect day is… hanging out and not having to worry about things.

12-My favorite dream was… no comment lol

13-One of my scariest dreams was… my future plans being ruined.

14-People misunderstand me when… I over think about things or think about current things working out how my past coincidences worked out ( bad)

15-I love… YOU!

16-If I were a superhero, I would be ________ and would try to… sorry I wouldn’t be a superhero. Id be the joker he had more fun!

17-I plan to accomplish the following three things this year… 1-D 2-M 3-College ( if you don’t know what the initials mean you wasn’t meant to sorry)

18-I really don’t like… drama and being blamed for shit!

19-My favorite outfit is _________because… I don’t have a favorite lol jeans and a shirt is the norm for me.

20-My ultimate bedroom would look like… LOL some peoples nightmares

21-The place that gives me the creeps is________because… I don’t believe any place does lol

22-The most valuable lesson I learned last year was… no matter how close you are with someone they will hurt you at some point.

23-My friends would describe me as… weird lol

24-If I had $5,000 in my hands, I would… get the 3 things I want to accomplish done.

25-If I had $25,000 in my hands, I would…. HELLO ^ oh and a new car and pay off bills.

26-If I became a millionaire overnight, I would…. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ damn! oh and a house! and pay off bills.

27-Here is a list of the most important things in my life…. this could be a blog in itself lol

28-I am best known for… hmm I don’t know

29-The person I look up to the most is my mom and daddy because… they have been threw a lot drive each other nuts but still are together and love one another.

30-I really should stop… procrastinating

31-The most beautiful thing in nature to me is… the night sky!

32-I have the most fun when I …. am just chilling with one or a few people and talking laughing and reminiscing.

33-The people that bring out the best in me are…. mom, dad, stuffy, brothers, family, friends…. most everyone in my life has bettered me one way or another They make me feel… normally content or happy.

34-My goals for myself this year and my plans for making them happen are…. damn really this again nope ^^^^^ go back up to the 3 things damn it!


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