Beyond the Boggled Mind

Ramblings of my boggled mind


on March 3, 2012


1. Just for today I will respect my own and others’ boundaries

. 2. Just for today I will be vulnerable with someone I trust.

3. Just for today I will take one compliment and hold it in my heart for more than just a fleeting moment. I will let it nurture me.

4. Just for today I will act in a way that I would admire in someone else.

5. I am a child of nature.

6. I am a precious person.

7. I am a worthwhile person.

8. I am beautiful inside and outside.

9. I love myself unconditionally.

10. I can allow myself ample leisure time without feeling guilty.

11. I deserve to be loved by myself and others.

12. I am loved because I deserve love.

13. I deserve love, peace, prosperity and serenity.

14. I forgive myself for hurting myself and others.

15. I forgive myself for letting others hurt me.

16. I forgive myself for accepting sex when I wanted love.

17. I am willing to accept love.

18. I am not alone, I am one with nature and the universe.

19. I am whole and good.

20. I am capable of changing.

21. The pain that I might feel by remembering can’t be any worse than the pain I feel by knowing and not remembering.

22. I am enough.


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