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The Issue of Weight-by DC-Tiger

on February 22, 2012

I ran in to this in from a forum on a site I am on and I had to share it!

The Issue of Weight-by DC-Tiger

about 4 hours ago

I hate my American society.
It’s the cause of so much angst and agony for many of its denizens, most specifically those who are heavier than a size 12- which is a great deal more of those who live in America, than those who portray them on television would lead one to believe. It makes heavier folks- and especially women- feel like there is something wrong with them if they aren’t, can’t, or won’t immediately turn anorexic and wither away to a size 4.

I hate my American society, because it makes big girls feel like they have to be thin. But I like my girls to be big girls. I love a full-figured woman, someone sized 18 and up, whose measurements are more like a 52-42-64, who has an ample tummy and wide hips and strong thighs and a heavy, soft, cushiony, meaty ass that I can grab in both hands and pull up against me. I like looking at a big girl as she walks past me, watching those full cheeks of her ass wobble and shake and move and undulate, love looking at her thighs and taking notice that they rub together, keeping her pussy hot and wet and tight until the moment it’s time to part those legs and be blessed with the privileges of her pleasures. I like a woman who looks like a woman, who reminds me of a woman, who makes me feel like a man just by standing next to her, who makes me hard and throbbing whenever she stands in front of me, pressing that gorgeous fat ass back up into me, a slow, sensual grind of her hips into mine. I love a woman who I don’t have to be afraid of taking hold of and squeezing her into me with all that I am, that I don’t have to worry about crushing with my weight, or snapping in half with my enthusiasm. I love the feel of a big girl when she gets up on top of my pelvis and slowly slides her wet pussy down onto the length of my dick and then rides me like a bucking bronco, her hips slamming down on my thighs and her ass full and wonderful in my hands. I like a woman who doesn’t look like she’ll sail away in the first stiff breeze, a woman who actually opens her mouth and eats when we go out, a woman that other women are afraid to let themselves be, a woman that other men secretly wish that they had the balls to let themselves be with, because those of us who love and adore and worship and sexualize big girls know that big girls aren’t afraid to be who they are, when they’re set loose and loved and adored by the right man. A big girl who has love for herself and love from a good lover, just about shines like the sun, and every one who meets her is jealous because they can’t let themselves be themselves like she can.

I hate my American society, because it makes big girls feel like they have to lose weight in order to get a man, in order to be happy, in order to be healthy. American tells them to go on a diet, or to have lap band or gastric bypass surgery, so that they can be thin and healthy and have a “proper” BMI. And too many big girls (in my opinion) by into that BULLSHIT, and instead of searching for someone who will love them for who they are- or even searching for someone who will love them no matter if they’re slim or wonderfully, gorgeously fat- they let themselves be brainwashed into believing that the only way to be healthy/happy/get a man is to be thin.
Years ago, a good friend of mine decided that she was going to undergo the gastric bypass surgery. She did feel like she was endangering her healthy by being a heavy woman–
and while I love and adore big girls, and while I hate when a lovely big girl loses weight (like Kelley Price did, like Jennifer Hudson did, like Queen Latifah did, like Kathy Najimy did….), I’ll be the first to say that if a big girl feels like her health is in danger, to do what she needs to do in order to be healthy–
but she upset me when she said that she was going to lose weight, “and then when I get to 1xx pounds, THEN I’ll be healthy”.

I hate my American society, for making a woman feel like she’s not a woman unless she’s the size of a ten-year old little boy.



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