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you know somebody who is still alive simply because you don’t want to go to jail.

on February 16, 2012

the title i found from a friend on Facebook, Donna I’ve known her a while online but anyway!

I am so stressed out and just all around pissed off for one reason or another lately. I hate it, it’s not like I want to but damn what I’m supposed to pretend things don’t happen, or that it doesn’t piss me off? The bitching and stuff has just taken it’s toll I’m over it and I even deleted my husband from my facebook today. Not like he ever paid attention to it anyway, unless he thought it was about him. And that is ANY time I remotely say something in a negative text. like ” ugh so tired of this” as IN I have no job and I want a career! I want to go back to school, I want a lot of things and right now no matter how good I think it is for me no matter how happy it makes me I cannot have it, maybe in time but sometimes I just get sad and want to cry. I hate the fact I am going to be 31 in 10 days and I live with my parents again, but this time it is for good reason and I have not lived with them long, it’s not like it’s been Ive never moved out or Ive lived with them for years and years. Don’t get me wrong I love my family just damn I need my room too I need somewhere to grow and I can’t because I have no job.

I have even been looking in other states for a job or career. Mom and I have been talking about making some crafts ( quilts, clothing, etc…) I have high hopes for it and as well as going in to making more things. dog clothing and collars and things.

this is just a rant sorry for anyone who thought it would be anything more. I’m tired its past bed time. sweet dreams!

peace, love, and duct-tape


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