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on January 14, 2012

Now then, I know I’ve just not blogged for the few who actually read this. I’ve been in the middle of trying to keep out of the “holiday depression” mode even though I want to just give up and jump in. playing My toes in it, walking around it, looking in wondering if I could survive it, then BOOM! the sharp teeth grab me and pull me in! then the net was just the worst and waiting to get net and cable again for a month really was crap. sorry but yes this blog will be a bitching blog maybe I should have warned you before hand. but pretty much just didn’t blog and didn’t/wasn’t able to finish up the 30 days of truth but maybe ill finish it in time it got pretty boring for me.
I did my thanksgiving blog, so no need in going back threw that time. On to Christmas.
Christmas was well worse, I give up on any gifts for that holiday or any happy christmas sing song happy smiling family time with decorations and the smell of a REAL christmas tree. We had a fairly good time, we watched movies, and had good food that my mom cooked. I love when my mom cooks no one can compare well till it’s pancakes then dad rocks that!
New years, I didn’t even stay awake for “my new years” lol I stayed up for indiana’s and a few other states, but not my own. oh and just like thanksgiving and christmas, we had good food and watched movies.
yup there it is, my holidays.
now, it’s pretty boring I’m glad we have a bigger place to stay even a nice yard I need to take photos. I like it there is no snow! its chilly but nothing more then a normal fall day in Indiana so I’m still running around in flipflops and no coat! today I ordered checks since jamie has a job and we have a new checking account I love the checks they are Disney villains.  yes I know I’m weird but I love them!
peace, love & duct tape


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