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<3 thankful <3

on November 24, 2011

I’m thankful for a lot even if my life is not perfect, even if I get pissed or upset over something in my life. I;m thankful for my life. it’s not the perfect life but no one’s is my family and friends aren’t perfect but they are mine. they are in my life because I want them there. This is the first year in Cali, the second holiday here. we had a great dinner it will feed us for days. I can’t believe how much mom cooked but I’m thankful to have it. My life could be lots worse then it is. I’m trying to stay positive as I can it’s somewhat hard. I’m missing friends and family who are back in Indiana. I took photos of the dinner none of me I’m more of the behind the camera person so I just took pictures of food mainly and a few of mom. I don’t think this is going to be very long I’m still stuffed!

We are watching breaking dawn part-1 I downloaded it and burnt it already lol I couldn’t wait and we cant really afford the movies right now so next best thing. It took forever to download it then burn it. It’s good for it being a cam video can’t complain much when it is free. I hope everyone out there had a wonderful thanksgiving.

thanksgiving photos

Blessed be


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