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Happy Halloween!

on November 1, 2011

It’s finally Halloween! I love this holiday, I love the little kids in costume, I love dressing up! ever since I was a kid this has always been my fave. I don’t think I am going to be dressing this year even though I have what I want to wear. I have a Gir snuggie and I was going to dress Rehab as a taco or burrito or maybe a piggy so we can match but not happening! not sure they even do anything for Halloween here in the park.

well they didn’t do anything at the park blah lol I’m feeling a bit better today I have new blue nail polishes and a shower bag and new brush and shoe strings all blue dark blues what can I say blue makes me smile. I think Ill post another blog tomorrow about our move I really need to put up what photos Ive got lol most are views not many of me or hubby. it’s bed time now I’m tired its midnight in indiana and only 9 here I really need to get in the swing of things šŸ˜€ going to bed early and waking up at like six cause I’m still running indiana time lol ok I’m gone night night everyone

peace love and duct tape



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