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a long time coming

on October 20, 2011


Well this move has been a long time coming. We finally get to get out of Indiana again and this time west finally! god oh mighty took too long but we are going to Alabama first to visit with hubby’s mom and family before heading out to California. I really am excited to not hurt like I always do her and the job and career opportunities out there. Not much to say just not, I know it’s been very stressful for us all but we are finally getting closer, had to leave more stuff behind then planned but it’s still just fine we will be coming back eventually or well family will be. because I will not I have nothing in Indiana to come back for.  sorry to family and friends to put it this way and I will miss some of you just I hate it here I really do born and raised or not this whole state I can’t stand.

friends and family can come here and facebook they have my cell number so we wont be any different then before it’s not like we got to hang out a lot anyway right? I love you all and maybe if you come out there sometime it’d be cool to hang out or maybe if hubby and I get a good enough job fly who can come out.  I think that’s it for now. blessed be

peace love and ducttape



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