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one year being Mrs… N…

on October 10, 2011


What can I say, it’s been one year today since hubby and I have been married. nothings changed too much, it’s still weird having a new name, and saying husband and wife.

I wanted to be in Hawaii for a real honey-moon maybe one day right?

Well, I wanted to get to calfornia and we are it’s getting very stressful and I’m ready to say fuck it and go, my dad and brothers and mom has been out there mom and the boys have been back and forth but soon very soon hubby and I will be out there.

I keep flashing forward two years being out west not in California, but actually Nevada. A house, no a home nice big piece of land with a lot of animals. Really that’s something I have always wanted, I never wanted kids r a hubby or the white picket fence. but the ones who know me know what I want and it’s taken longer to get it but I see it coming with a lot of hard work in a couple years give or take.

baby, if you are reading this… i love you, and we will be in that future thoughts very soon.

I’ve been so stressed I havent been acting right some days Ive been getting depressed easy because things just havnt been going right because of one thing or another. but smooth or not it’s going to happen.

Peace love & ducttape



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