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broken bed, boredom & supernatural

on September 6, 2011

boredom: well I’m doing nothing not feeling much or thinking too much about anything either, my depression is finally calmed down and now all it seems to be doing is raining and its nice a cool out so it’s truly nice to keep the door open and let us have fresh air esp with the stinky pup, rhino, good lord for a little thing he makes a big stinky smell!  rehab’s driving me nuts he will not go to Jamie i have to pick him up and give him to hubby lol its fucked up he’s just started that crap, but once hubby has him he’s happy and all cuddled up on him even sleeps with him.

Broken bed: fucking hell if the bed I’m sleeping on isnt broke all to hell and back and truly killing my back and screwing over my sleep. blah!

Supernatural: what can I say I’m watching it right now lol yeah I know not a long blog but its something and better than the last few anyway right?

peace, love & duct tape



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