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god is perfect, man is not… man made beer, god made pot.

on August 20, 2011

I know that I was going to continue the twilight thing and I will, but this kinda is on my mind for personal reasons and also it just burns my biscuits so to speak. Our government refuses to legalize cannibals yet they OK alcohol, cigarets and other like drugs, yes they are drugs, all of it.

It was in my mind of how many people are so against marijuana, how the government has lied and put things in our heads since we were small. yes meth, crack, and other illegal drugs try and get them out! Think about it, really places who have it decriminalized or medically legal  they don’t have as much drug problems as the US does? or am I wrong? think about how much money can be made from the legalization of marijuana, how many things can be “green” or well “greener” have you thought about the clothing paper rope and so much more that can come from hemp and save our trees?

I’m not a hippy, druggie or anything else like that, I try to be green I try to be open minded about everything and I mean everything in life from religion to life to science. we all coexist we have to and someday we will peacefully. think about all the things that would change just from legalization, would we have such a debt? I don’t believe we as the US would I believe the taxes for not only buying marijuana, but taxes from farmers who will be growing it, everything they do for tobacco but you know with our government it would be higher then tobacco cause for some strange reason the population can smoke tobacco but not pot because its so smart and more healthy to go and do that *please catch the sarcasm I will be using it a lot in this post*

I got a lot of information from both sides to legalize and the prohibition army, one thing Ive noticed is that the facts on legalization is a myth on any government site, or the prohibition army as I call it. also the army is saying ” a lot” or ” lifetime” or any other words to say long term and a lot of marijuana everyday and I know people who smoke everyday and Ive never seen anyone “hooked”  on it or anyone ” opening the gate” to harder drugs ugh I could go on all day on this. and I will try not to but really if you know me I’ll be writing this for days wanting to put more and more out so many people don’t see the good since the government brainwashed us with their gateway theory and such lies like we will get addicted and lose everything or live in our mothers basements. I know people living in their rents house at a way way late age and never moved out who don’t pot or who do, its the person NOT what they do. well rather its what they don’t do and I count the rents the same boat cause you need to push your kid to get out and do better then you have done.

thats a couple sites but I ave been looking at to more lol I think I’m good now so like always

peace love and ducttape



3 responses to “god is perfect, man is not… man made beer, god made pot.

  1. stuffyivan says:

    now that i got my comment out I’m all for legalization and I believe that it will happen in our lifetime.

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