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There we go. Just takes a little brains and patience.

on August 12, 2011

I’m on  twilight kick for the last week or so. I can’t help but see how and why these books and movies not only attract the attention of teens but also a lot of grown women.ultimate love stories so what if the hot men are monsters? look at beauty and the beast? hot or not we want a man who can treat us right and make us feel like a princess and are loved constantly and simply because we women need that. Most men don’t see that women tell you what they think of you esp if you are hard on yourself, but you have to see women need that too. we need the feeling and words that make us feel good about yourself and literally it is in the makeup of women we don’t have the same as a man I read long ago about it it is a need to have someone to let us know we are pretty and wanted. Some men think women are nags and harp on things. I tell you what test this  tell your lady how beautiful she is tell her you love her and STOP looking at other women! you will see a drastic change.

A close friend of mine, if anyone remembers the blog about stuffy, stuffy said i looked amazing in this old red summer dress i wear around the house about a week or so ago. you wouldn’t believe what a high I got from it, I blush thinking about it now. no one has ever said things like that to me, not even my wedding day. I hear “cute” an” and that’s nice too but when you use words like amazing, beautiful, or gorgeous. we women respond to that so much better then cute, pretty, hot, or sexy.

I guess I’m just on a kick where I want men to see its not the books or the actors it is the characters in the books their words and only a women can write like that cause it seems we are the only ones who truly understand what we need no matter how much we try and tell the man/men in our life.

The books also have a lot where it reminds us how we feel about our men, I know this will be just one blog about this I will be blogging more I’m sure about twilight and how it effects us women. I don’t know any men who read/watch or at least who will admit it.

Anyway, I think that is it for now we will see how much more I will blog later.Just wanted to get this out there maybe some men will read it and see maybe a little bit more in just why women enjoy the books and get addicted to them so easily, just like romance books.

OH … the blogs subject line is a It’s from the short second life of Bree tanner, it is a branch from the twilight series.

There we go. Just takes a little brains and patience.
Diego, The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner


peace, love, and duct tape



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