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Busy bee umm… busy beaver…meh…I’m just plain flat busy!

on July 29, 2011

Well I have been very busy and no net other then on my Droid X, and that just isn’t enough to blog on. so for my followers yes I am alive just been away. I have a new cell and new laptop so I hope to get on more to at least blog here and there. I have a new nick name I love! its wasabi or rather Ms.Wasabi, so if you notice I will be slowly letting that out and making appropriate changes.

ANYWAY… so hubby and I are saving for the move I cannot wait we have tons of things to sale and I really hope to get rid of them ASAP! we are going down to just my car and selling his truck it is just too much to take really cloths are getting tossed out a big portion anyway, home decor, furniture the old PC everything is going. it sucks cause I don’t really want to give up my pretties cause I’ve been collecting for years my dragons gargoyles and Asian decor that I adore so.

The temp and index has been horrific! Ive not been wanting to get out in it but Ive been having to sometimes here and there. have been putting off goi the dentist so I finally went and found out just wth has been going on with my gums and teeth happy to say no cavities no broken tooth it turned out to be tarter weird cause I must have had it literally forever, because I thought it was simply my teeth it was that hard and some broke off I thought it was my tooth. I found a lot of info and some i think is pretty nasty but hell what can I do i brush and floss as I always have I floss once a week and brush 2-3 times a day so really how the hell does it happen? I was told our saliva is like hard water and it collects on our teeth weird I guess but I’m better My breath doesn’t have that weird horrible smell I just couldn’t get rid of, I mean I was chewing gum brushing teeth mints breath spray it all all the time to cover it and try to get rid of it I really thought it was my stomach and had some kind of issues with my body but no its all good nice and I love it.

lets see, lets see… what else… cant think of anything else.

pace, love and ducttape!




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