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Angel with a noose

on June 18, 2011

Angel with a noose
-Raychel Darkling (2011)

black hair flowing wild and free
soft smile hidden from glances
Sapphire eyes complete with long dark lashes

Soft eyes, hands out to reach
Jagged scars, Mournful speech
Icy hands, too cold to touch
Eternal bliss,There is no such

faded lips outlining pearly whites
The corners giving way, skin alabaster white
With outstretched arms inviting his embrace
Unto her heaving bosom above her twitching waist

The twilight night,Dress of lace
Crimson kisses, the color of fate
Ribbon of silk, touches too late

Flesh of porcelain white contrasting with silken hair
her gown swaying to her movement
feet afloat looking so fair
smelling of sweet vanilla in the rain
her wings dancing to the beat of their hearts

Broken soul, white rose in hand
his guardian angel in this land
I see your face through the mist
This is my dream set with a twist

Engulfed in each others arms dancing into the heavens
swaying and holding her near to feel her in his arms
dark eyes glazing over as her head finally bends
hair falling over her transparent skin

midnight cries, hearts of hope
dreams of lies, memories of rope
Glistening rivers, sparkling streams
Nightmare ripples, set with a twist
his angel floating, with help from a noose


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