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Women’s History Month

on March 1, 2011

10 Influential Women in History

March marks Women’s History Month.  I bring you profiles of ten incredibly different women who I consider to have made a huge impact on history.

10) Alice Paul
Next time you go to vote, thank this woman (among many others.) Alice Paul became a youthful part of the Women’s Suffrage movement, coming in with a new take on old policies. She started a picket outside of the White House, and eventually ended up in prison on a hunger strike. Not long after, her actions led to successful women’s suffrage.

9) Margaret Sanger
Sanger created birth control for women, with a strong belief that if women were able to control when they had a pregnancy, they may be seen as more of an equal in society. She also opened family and planning birth control clinics and was a successful activist when it came to women and being in charge of their sexuality.

8) Harriet Tubman
Spy, abolitionist, and humanitarian: Harriet Tubman accomplished it all. Guiding groups and groups of slaves to freedom from slavery in the United States, Tubman has gone down in history under a different name as well: “Moses.”

7) Juliette Gordon Low
Juliette Gordon Low created the Girl Scouts of America in 1912. By creating this new program, she influenced many young women and children to become leaders and an influential part of their society. Since then, millions of girls around the world have learned lifelong traits from such Girl Scout programs.

6) Eleanor Roosevelt
First Lady of the United States, Roosevelt was considered an activist for civil rights. She spent most of her husband’s presidency scouring the world for problems as well as solutions as he was confined with polio. Through her own eyes and ears, she learned stories of countless people in need, overseas and at home, and worked to make sure their stories were heard.

5) Sacajawea
Known for assisting Lewis and Clark, Sacajawea has become a hero of our nation’s history, although there is little historical representation or information about her story. She has been symbolized as a strong female character and the face of female independence as she was known for guiding the two men through the west coast of America.

4) J.K. Rowling
The face of the “rags to riches” storyline, Rowling is the author of the well-known Harry Potter series. The story of her struggle and eventual success has been an inspiration for writers as well as countless others all across the globe.

3) Florence Nightingale
“The Lady with the Lamp” was a pioneer in the field of nursing, and known for her rounds of visiting injured soldiers at night, often with a lamp in hand. It has been said she “created” the ideas for professional nursing when wrote the book Notes on Nursing in 1859.

2) Anne Frank
A young victim of the Jewish Holocaust, Frank’s diary from the era remains to be one of the world’s most widely read books, published in multiple languages. Her take on the Holocaust has since been immortalized in many plays and films and has stood as a strong voice for Frank and the many other victims affected by the Holocaust. Her diary has also been a vital piece of information when learning about the state and history of World War II.

1) Mothers.
Think of all the mothers in this world, and the few thanks they actually receive. Without our mothers, where would we be?

~peace, love & ducttape~



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