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Mr. “Optimus S”. Prime’s Christmas.

on December 10, 2010

The new phone is kind of a bust. It’s nice to have a new phone let alone one with so much stuff on it. But paying for that is the battery doesn’t last long at all and when this thing shuts down it’s down till you plug in and charge for about 20-30 mins and if you are like Me that is a long time!

Other issues with Mr. Optimus S is for some odd reason it tells me over and over the SD card is being took out  or put in, not sure if that is normal or not, and the biggest issue and it’s annoying as hell cause it will do it while I’m texting, taking pictures damn anything! Is this “popup” telling me the recent applications that has been used. I know wtf I have used and am using at that moment. *sigh* very frustrating when I’m just getting used to the touch screen and such I don’t need something popping up between letters randomly as I text.

Another annoying point is the screen sometimes acts like a kid is playing with it. It twitches and shakes normally have to turn it off or unplug and replug it back in while on charge.

Okay, I think that is My bitching for now. I do enjoy the phone just not sure how much of this little shit I can deal with.


I am still loving my black hair. I think I will keep it and it’s growing on mom, so that means its time to put the streaks in. *giggles*

Other good news!

Christmas is finished for the most part hubby just needs to order his mothers gift and that’s all!

We decided like most years we have been togther that just this we buy things we want anytime so the part of chrismas suprising with gifts and such just isnt there, plus I do the bills I end up knowing what was got or where it was got so it’s not that big of a suprise for me.

So we enjoy family and friends and if we get gifts then ok if not no biggie as well as for one another we just enjoy each other. I’ve noticed a lot of people but all of themselves in to gifts and cooking then actually spending time with family and friends. I know most of My child hood was that way and I’m thankful for it just, I’m happy with out hubby and I doing gifts.

I think that’s all, well for now..

~peace, love & ducttape~




8 responses to “Mr. “Optimus S”. Prime’s Christmas.

  1. stuffyivan says:

    be more specific next time hehe

  2. stuffyivan says:

    polite company keeps me from saying it 😀

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