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stuffy=Ivan the Terrible?

on November 28, 2010

my stuffy!


Ok so my friend “Ivan” is not so Terrible…

Yesterday I had an interesting comment not on the blog (I wish) but the subject of my blog.  A  friend of mine told me if he ever was put in to one of my blogs that then he would be special, I thought it funny. ( still do really!) I told him he was special cause well to me he is.  He’s a good friend, I’ve known him several years (online). If you know me then you know I had to write a blog just for him, be happy your “super special” now. Sorry all kinda a inside thing.

I’m actually considering writing a blog just for each of my friends online and off. but, on to “Ivan” aka Chris.

He lives a bit from me, but he’s a kick ass friend. when we first met it was well we never got to really know about each other we just talked about randomness and such but I kinda vanished for a long time and we met back up kinda recently. I’ve probably drove him nuts with asking trivial strange questions like what is his fave color or cereal or food.  Kinda working backward right?

It’s all good none the less. We share a lot of photos the one I’m posting here happends to be one he sent I actually requested a pic of him on his bike. course I ask for stange things too most wouldn’t. Like…

asking for a “hot fae” picture when he went to a ren faire…










or a picture of his stuffed animal…

Yup that’s the kinda friendship we have.  I’m thankful for you chris your one of my close friends even though we are just getting to know one another.  Distance shouldn’t be a factor in friendship.

~peace, love & ducttape~





One response to “stuffy=Ivan the Terrible?

  1. starchildskiss78 says:

    Haha….your requests are no weirder than mine! 🙂

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